Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Jacob and Grace looked at “Jason” in shock at the same time.

The words “Jason” sounded the alarm in the hearts of Jacob and Grace at the same time.

Grace looked at Jue Zhan Han nervously, for fear that Jue Zhan Han doubted something.

However, Jacob stared suspiciously at Grace with a guilty conscience, and a sneer appeared on his thin, charming lips: “Grace, shouldn’t Jason guess right?”

Grace saw the flames rising in the eyes of Jacob, and her heart suddenly became uneasy.

Rather than let him investigate all the truth, she “confessed honestly”: “I also have a daughter who is one year younger than Jason… “

Jacob frowned.

This woman found other men to have children immediately after leaving him, and it was disgusting to think about it.

Jacob interrupted her rudely: “I don’t want to know about your family. Since you can’t take care of Jason wholeheartedly, you shouldn’t have taken this job easily. Now you pack your things and get out of here. !”

Grace was there, looking at “Jason” reluctantly.

The tears in her eyes rolled down.

When Derek saw Mommy crying, he felt very sorry for Mommy.

Mommy is the best mom in the world. Mommy works so hard every day. She gets up early and returns late for them. But Daddy doesn’t know anything, he only knows to complain about Mommy, what can I do?

When Derek had an idea, he suddenly jumped onto Grace’s body, with his legs tightly crisscrossing Grace’s legs, like an octopus, hugging Mommy tightly.

Shamelessly said, “I won’t let Grace go. Daddy, I beg you. Although Grace is late, she treats me very well, and she knows a lot. She taught me to sing and teach me Play the piano, teach me to read poems, and teach me to draw…”

Looking at this scene, Jacob only felt that his temples jumped suddenly.

Did he have hallucinations?

The little bun in his family who is so cold and unkind is actually acting cute for Grace? Have you said so much in one breath?

This surprise surprised Jacob.

“Jason, you come down.” Jacob waved towards Derek.

“Don’t come down. Unless you promise me first.” Derek blinked at Jacob with a pair of innocent eyes, and bargained with him.

Jacob was amused by his cute appearance, and slightly curled his lips: “I want her to stay. Yes, but you have to ask Daddy to check the results of your two-day study.”

Derek is a genius baby with all-round development of morality, intelligence, body, art and labor. He is not afraid of Daddy’s acceptance of his learning results.

He jumped off Mummy, and didn’t notice the suspicious look in Grace’s eyes.

Grace’s gaze suddenly glanced upstairs…

She always felt that this “talking” soft and cute bun was her family’s cold treasure.

Derek stood in front of Jacob, and the little adult seemed to look up at Daddy, and said proudly, “What are you going to test on me?”

Jacob remembered that his son praised Grace for reading the beautiful poems the day before yesterday, but when he asked him to read it to him, Jason was reluctant to read it for a long time.

“Reciting poetry!” Jacob said.

I don’t know if today’s son with a sudden change in painting style dislikes literary poetry as sorely as usual?

Unexpectedly, Derek opened his mouth and recited a song “Mo Xuan Tu” that praised maternal love:

Cancan daylily flowers, Luo Shengbei Tang.


Jacob frowned, staring at Grace with dissatisfaction. She abandoned her child for five years, and now she comes back to sing praises for herself?

“Change one.” Jacob said with a cold face.

Derek blurted out without thinking, recite a poem “Yang Zi Yin”:

Mother hands line, wandering clothing.


It is still a poem praising maternal love.

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