There for You Till I Die Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Brian said only two days, then there must be only two days, not a second more.

Sarah knew him and didn’t dare to defy. If she doesn’t move out two days later, not only her, but her sister and Stephen will be in trouble.

So as soon as Brian left, Sarah dragged her aching body and began to pack things.

This house was given to her by Brian not long after being with her.

Lara has lived here for almost three years. After Stephen and Lara have been dating, they often come to spend the night. The two left a lot of things. Sarah collected a few boxes and has not finished packing.

She was so tired, she slept on the sofa.

She didn’t know how long she slept, but in the dream, her body was always very uncomfortable. Not to mention the aches and pains in the body, she was hot and cold for a while, and her abdomen was always aching.

She was confused, struggling for a long time in her dream, and finally woke up exhaustedly.

Opening her eyes, Sarah found herself in the hospital.

“Sister, you finally woke up.” Stephen quickly leaned over and said, “You had a high fever and shivering at night.”

“What?” Sarah slow to react, “I slept all day and night?”

Well, today, is it not the deadline to move out?

“Yes,” Stephen said, “By the way, why did you suddenly pack your things? Where do you want to move out?”

“Yes, we have to move out immediately.” Sarah sat up, but she was tired all over. Then felt dizzy.

“Be careful.” Stephen helped her. “Why are you moving in such a rush? What is happening?”

Sarah said anxiously, “Can I be at your house? Let me squeeze there for two days until I find the house. , I have to move out immediately.”

“Of course you can, you just don’t dislike my house it is all in ruins.”

“Okay, let’s move now…”

“But why?” Stephen really couldn’t understand. Lara was in poor health and could not work too much. Suddenly moving house would be a great burden for her body.

“There is no reason…” Sarah said vaguely, “I just have to move out immediately.”

Sarah insisted on leaving the hospital early, went home with Stephen, packed up the rest of the stuff, and carried a few boxes, and Moved away.

Stephen’s house is in a dilapidated old community, with two bedrooms and one living room, narrow and humid, and the environment is terrible.

But Sarah moved in a hurry and couldn’t worry about it.

The two had been busy all afternoon, and finally, only the last few boxes were left.

Out of the elevator, before opening the door and entering the house, Sarah said to Stephen: “Thanks for your hard work today, I will invite you to dinner later.”

“Sister, why are you polite with me? What’s the small favor of moving, you are my sister, I could have moved the house ten times for you…”

Sarah smiled, opened the door, and walked for a while, but caught Brian’s tall back in the living room caught off guard.

He turned his back to Sarah, standing straight and upright, his back stiff.

Sarah’s heart shrank and hurried back, but accidentally ran into Stephen’s arms behind her.

Stephen subconsciously stretched out his hand to support her: “What’s the matter?”

He also looked into the room and saw a strange man, naturally, he said unceremoniously: “Who are you, what are you doing in our house?”

Brian turned slowly. When he passed, his face was as handsome and exquisite as ever, but this time it was somber and cold, his eyes were sharp, and he slowly swept across Stephen’s face.

He stared at Stephen, but he said to Sarah: “What did I say to you, did you forget it, or did you not take it to heart?”

Sarah retracted her fingers in fear, and she anxiously pushed Stephen out.

“You go first, I… I have something to deal with.”

After speaking, Sarah hurriedly closed the door.

As soon as she was about to turn around, a strong and hot body was attached to her back, which suddenly pressed her against the door panel.

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