There for You Till I Die Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

The house Brian gave is not particularly good but in a mid-range community. Nevertheless, the environment is very quiet, surrounded by greenery, and it also has a clear and clean artificial lake.

After Sarah got home, she ate something, then went to the living room and then to the bathroom to take a shower, and was ready to sleep for a while.

She put on comfortable pajamas and came out of the bathroom, but she ran into a pair of deep and cold eyes.


“Mr. Davidson, why are you here?” Sarah was stunned, and instinctively stepped back for a while, “Why do you have the keys to this place?”

Brian’s eyes were dim, and he stared at Sarah.

He raised his foot and walked towards Sarah.

“Why can’t I come to the house I gave?”

“I didn’t mean that…” Sarah explained, “It’s just, very unexpected…”

Was it not he said, he won’t come back after divorce?

“Here, is there still a man living here?” Brian walked in front of Sarah in two steps and forced her against the wall, staring at Sarah, “You cheated on me!”

In the room, he saw a man’s coat on the sofa and a pair of half-old man-size slippers on the shoe rack. It is obvious that men often come and go.

Sarah felt at a loss. With a blank mind, she first thought of Brian’s fiancée.

“Aren’t you getting married?” Sarah said, “What are you still looking for? Are you afraid of your fiancée’s misunderstanding?”

Her words changed in Brian’s ears.

This is an admission that she is really unrelated to other men.

Brian’s dark eyes suddenly became scarlet, and he pressed Sarah against the wall.

“How long have you been with him?” Brian said as he put his palm into Sarah’s clothes, “he touched you, right?”

“What are you doing?” Sarah panicked, struggling, “Mr. Davidson, you can’t touch me now, you…”

You have your fiancée. Before she could say this, she was covered by Brian…

Brian pulled her cover several times and took her.

There is no buffer, rough and direct, which makes Sarah extremely painful, like a human being split in half.

“Sarah, you betrayed me.” Brian pressed hard, “You violated our agreement.”

Sarah cried and shook her head vigorously.

Brian pressed her lips tightly, his movements became more rough and harder.

Sarah couldn’t even hold on to the end, she fainted.

In the dim light, she felt that her body was placed on the soft bed. Her eyes were strenuously widened, and she realized that she was actually carried into his sister’s room by Brian.


She didn’t want to mess up her sister’s room.

“Get out…” But Brian pressed her down and to0k her from behind.

On the bedside table, there is an exquisite and beautiful frame. In the frame, there is a single photo of Stephen.

Brian saw the picture and lost control of his actions, and started almost torturing Sarah to death.

Sarah was so tossed that he was confused, half asleep and half awake, and finally managed to come to an end.

The whole body seemed to have been taken apart, without the slightest extra strength.

Brian got out of bed, picked up the frame beside the bed, and looked down.

“Sarah, if I remember correctly, I rewarded you this house, right.” Brian squeezed the obnoxious photo, “Since you messed the agreement, then I have to take this house back.”

As the voice fell, Brian severely slammed the frame to the ground.

Wow—the glass surface shattered, and the photo flew out and was stepped on by Brian.

“I’ll give you two days to move out from here.” Brian crushed the picture deeply, “Otherwise, I will throw you out of here without any hesitation.”

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