There for You Till I Die Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

“You want to move out?” Brian pressed deep in Sarah’s ear, his words chilling, “You want to live with that man, right?”

Sarah struggled:” So what? Now you and I have nothing to do.”

They divorced, and he has a fiancee.

Newspaper headlines and entertainment hotspots were all about his marriage with Lidya.

What is he doing with her?

“It doesn’t matter…” Brian bit these words deeply, and suddenly started pulling up Sarah’s [email protected], “Is it not okay for us to do it?”

Sarah struggled hard: “No!”

Stephen is still outside and will hear it.

Moreover, she can’t have a second relationship with him, Brian is cheating!

“If you touch me again, I will make our relationship public!” Sarah was forced to threaten, “Lidya is a big star, she has so many fans if you know that you have betrayed her, her fans, and those media… they won’t let you go!”

Brian stopped his action: “You threaten me?”

Sarah’s heart tightened and her fingertips trembled slightly. She insisted, “Mr. Davidson, it’s you.” That said, after the divorce, I don’t have anything to do with you, you can’t break your own promise.”

Brian tightened his fingers hard, his face full of forbearing anger.

Sarah closed her eyes and muttered: “Mr. Davidson, please keep your promise.”

“Okay.” Brian nodded deeply, “Okay!”

He pushed her away as if venting.

Sarah couldn’t stand firmly for a while, and knelt on the floor with a thump, making a bang.

“Sarah.” Brian stood tall, looking down at the woman on the ground, “You said it, no matter what. From now on, don’t come to me!”

After finishing speaking, Brian opened the door deeply. Step away.

Stephen stood at the door and met Brian face-to-face.

The eyes of the two met, one extremely guarded, and the other gloomy.

Brian glanced at Stephen deeply and left in a big stride.

Stephen shuddered and hurried into the house to find Sarah.

“Sister, how are you?” He lifted Sarah on the ground and checked the knee she had touched, which was already bruised.

“I’ll get you the medicinal liquid.”

“No!” Sarah pulled him, “Bring things, let’s leave this place first.”


Stephen moved the box down first, and then came up to help Sarah.

Sarah had a low-grade fever that didn’t go away. After tossing it, it became a high fever again. She knocked to his knees and felt weak. Stephen helped to take it down.

He hugged Sarah’s waist, firmly helped her into the co-pilot, and carefully fastened her seat belt.

“Sister, you are so ill, let me take you to the hospital,” Stephen said while wearing the seat belt.

“No need.” Sarah tilted her head, leaned on the seat, and felt sleepy. “I’ll just sleep.”

After saying that, she was already asleep, her body tilted, and she looked very uncomfortable.

Stephen held her shoulders and adjusted her to a more comfortable posture.

Finally closed the door, turned around, and went to the cab.

But when he turned his head, he ran into a pair of scary black eyes.

The man didn’t even leave, he kept standing on the side of the road not far away, watching them coldly.

Stephen frowned and wanted to warn the man with few words, but he was extraordinary, and he looked hard to provoke. He was a little bit afraid in his subconscious. After a few seconds, he finally held back.

After giving the man an impatient cold face, Stephen got in the car and left with Sarah.

Brian watched the broken car gradually drive away, enduring for a few seconds, he returned to the car, started the engine, and followed Stephen’s car.

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