There for You Till I Die Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Sarah was taken into the community by Stephen.

Brian’s car stopped all night in the community, waiting for Sarah to come out.

This woman really lived with another man.

Brian took a deep breath, couldn’t help it anymore, pushed the car door vigorously, and got out of the car to find Sarah to settle the account.

At this moment, Brian’s telephone suddenly rang.

He paused and saw the caller ID.

It’s Lidya.

Brian pressed the irritability in his heart deeply and connected the phone.

“Brian, what are you doing?” Lidya’s soft voice came over the phone, “Can you come and see me today? Our wedding hotel should be set…”

Brian slowly let go Hold the car door tightly.

Yeah, what is he doing now?

Lidya is the one he loves and should marry.

It was also because his grandmother refused to let him marry Lidya, so he got angry and married a woman like Sarah.

Sarah was just a tool he used to fight against grandma.

Just tools.

Brian closed his eyes, slammed on the car door, started the engine, and left the dilapidated community.


Sarah slept at Stephen’s house all night, and the low-grade fever finally subsided.

The next day she found a rental house, moved out, and then went to the hospital to see her sister.

Lara’s spirit was very bad, her face was pale, and there was a deep black-green patch under her eyes. She glanced at Sarah and did not speak.

“What’s the matter?” Sarah sensitively discovered that she was not in a good mood.

“It’s nothing.” Lara avoided her sight, not looking at her at all.

Sarah sat by the bed, trying to hold her sister’s hand, but was avoided.

“What’s the matter?” Sarah really didn’t understand, “What happened?”

Lara said stiffly: “Nothing.”

This is clearly what it is.

Sarah put her hand on Lara’s quilt and whispered: “Lara, you…”

“Don’t touch me!” Lara suddenly got excited and threw off Sarah’s hand, “You go out, I don’t want to see you.”

“Lara, in the end…”

“Get out!” Lara grabbed the water glass on the bedside table and slammed it on the ground, “I tell you to get out! Get out!”

She has a bad heart. , Her heart rate is too fast when she gets excited, her face is pale, and the breathing is fast.

Lara clutched her heart hard, panting, but still shouted word by word: “Get out.”

“I’ll go out.” Sarah hurriedly said, “Don’t get excited, I’ll go out now.”

“Get out!”

Sarah had no choice but to leave the ward temporarily.

After going out, she found the nurse who took care of Lara and asked what had happened these days.

“Nothing special, it’s all normal…” The nurse thought for a while, “Ah, I remember one. Yesterday morning, a man visited Lara.”

Sarah said immediately, “What kind of man? “The the nurse said: “Wearing a suit, his looks very elegant, like a secretary or something.” The

secretary…is it the secretary of Brian named Zack?

“Wad he tall and thin, looks serious and wearing silver-rimmed glasses.”

“Yes, yes.” It was him.

But what did he come to Lara for?

Did he say something to Lara, so Lara reacted so excitedly to herself?

Sarah’s thoughts were confused, and before she could sort out her clues, the ward round nurse’s shout suddenly sounded in the corridor: “Doctor! Doctor, Lara in Room 2204 has a cardiac arrest! Doctor!”

Sarah’s mind buzzed, Rushed over immediately.

Lara was quickly pushed out of the ward by the nurse and sent to the rescue room.

“The pupils are dilating.” The doctor roughly checked the situation on the screen board, and said anxiously, “Hurry up!”

Sarah followed all the way to the door of the rescue room.

“The family members must wait outside!” The nurse pushed Sarah away and closed the door of the rescue room heavily.

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