There for You Till I Die Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Two hours later, the door of the rescue room opened.

“The patient’s heart condition has deteriorated again, and a second operation is needed.” The doctor solemnly said: “And even if she has another operation, the condition will not be too good. The best suggestion is to change the heart.”

Sarah was shocked and said: “How could this be? Was her previous operation not very successful?” The doctor shook his head: “The specific situation is hard to say, but it may be related to the stimulation she has received recently. Excessive emotions caused too much pressure on the heart. . You should prepare the medical expenses as soon as possible and have the operation. With her condition, operation can’t be delayed.”

Sarah nodded with a pale face: “Okay, I have the money, please trouble the doctor to arrange the operation now.”

Although Lara rescued her heartbeat, but has been drowsy.

This operation cost 350,000, which will empty all of Sarah’s deposits.

Therefore, if Lara had another heart attack, she would not be able to pay the next medical bill. For this reason, Sarah was anxious, unable to sleep at night, and had no appetite for eating during the day.

After a few days, she has lost a lot of weight.

Fortunately, Lara’s operation was also very successful.

Sarah just breathed a sigh of relief, but the doctor found her and said, “Although your sister’s condition has stabilized, her heart is more fragile than before because of the two operations. So, when she wakes up, you must pay attention to her emotions and don’t let her be overly excited, otherwise, the situation will be very dangerous.”

“Okay, I will.” After talking, Sarah was about to go back to her sister’s ward, but when she was in front of the ward door, it became all dark in front of her eyes. She lost consciousness and fainted.

When she woke up again, Sarah was lying in a ward bed, and the one who fell asleep on the next bed was Lara who was still asleep.

Stephen sat between the two hospital beds and saw Sarah wake up. He immediately leaned in, lowered his voice, and said, “Sister, you are awake…”

His face was low and his thoughts were clearly hidden.

“What’s the matter?” Sarah said, looking at Lara who was in a deep sleep, her voice couldn’t help lowering.

The two of them whispered, at first glance, they seemed to be whispering something inaudible to one another.

“You are pregnant.” Stephen said this sentence lighter, more like an unspeakable secret, “It has been two months.”

“What?” Sarah was taken aback and unconsciously covered her belly. “I’m pregnant?”

Stephen nodded, thinking of the gloomy man before, guessing that it was the father of the child. But that man is noble, with an extraordinary status, obviously, he is not a person in the same world.

“What are you going to do now with the Child… do you want to keep it?”

Sarah was silent for a long time, closed her eyes, and said in pain: “I…I can’t bear to discard it.”

“But it’s not good for you to keep it .”, This child… Now that the pressure of raising a child is so great, even if I help you, it may not be good. Moreover, we have to take care of Lara. Her health is getting worse and worse. We must take care of it more carefully in the future. She.”

Stephen looked a little unbearable, but continued: “So, I think it’s better to get rid of this child.”

Of course, Sarah also knew that this child was wrong.

However, she really…cannot do it.

The child is innocent.

“Sister,” Lara suddenly said at this time, she didn’t know why she woke up, “You are pregnant.”

Sarah was taken aback.

“Who is the child’s father?” Lara asked.

Sarah couldn’t say anything, and could only say: “Lara, don’t ask, okay?”

Lara suddenly laughed: “Can’t you tell me? I know.”

Lara’s expression was extraordinarily calm, but her face grew more and more pale.

“Sister, I’m really sorry that I have troubled you over the years.” Lara calmly said, “I think it’s better for me to die so that you don’t have to kill that innocent child. And Stephen, I let off you, wish you a happy life.”

“Lara, what are you talking about?”

Sarah became uneasy. She stood up and tried to get out of bed, there was a sharp cry in the ward.

The sound source comes from Lara’s vital signs detector.

The electrocardiogram above has become a straight line.

Lara’s heart stopped again.

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