There for You Till I Die Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

He quickly stretched out his hand to separate her from a sharp corner next to him and took it back when he saw her getting up.

The little girl kept saying sorry, she raised her eyes guiltily after seeing Brian’s expensive suit stained by her cake.

“Sorry sir, I will pay you.”

The assistant on the side was about to explode, pay? Mr. Davidson’s suit is worth a million, can she afford to pay?

But seeing this girl is also very rich in clothes, it must be the daughter of a noble person present. The assistant resigned to help Brian to extinguish his anger. To his surprise, President Davidson showed no signs of anger and talked to this girl. Wind and water rise.

“Although I don’t know how to make it, I can eat it. Like this kind of cake, I can list the ingredients with just one bite.”

Looking at Tracy’s complacent expression, Brian’s smile deepened.

“Is that right? Another day let your parents bring you to my house for a dessert, and eat to your fill.”

Tracy’s eyes suddenly heard a projection light, “Yeah! Thank you! Thank you, Uncle!”

She simply jumped with joy, she didn’t notice the complicated and nostalgic look in Brian’s eyes.

It’s so alike. The coolness in her eyes when she raised her eyes, and the arc of the crescent formed by the end of her eyes when she laughed, they all looked too much like Sarah!

That’s why he couldn’t help but talk to her.

The more the assistant looked at her, the more familiar she became, as if she looked a bit like someone he had met not long ago.

At this time, a pair of bright red high-heeled shoes came over calmly and stopped in front of the three of them.


Tracy smiled and turned and threw into Lisa’s arms, “Mummy! I found a particularly delicious cake and wanted to give you for taste, I have been looking for you for a long time!”

Brian also looked at Lisa, When he saw her, he was stunned, as if his heart had stopped beating, and the blood had clotted back.

Sarah… know you!

He even forgot to call her aloud.

Although the woman in front has fairer skin, a high-cold aura, and a mole on her eyebrows, he can still recognize her at a glance.

Lisa was holding Tracy and was just about to leave, and her wrist was firmly clamped by a force. She frowned unhappily and turned back, “Sorry, gentleman, what’s the matter?”

Brian said dully, “You are not dead.”

Lisa was taken aback, and then laughed, “Why, is it normal if the one standing in front of you is a corpse?”

Brian deepened his hands, “Since you’re not dead, why don’t you come to me?”

Does she know? In the past five years, he has been thinking about her crazy every day and night!

Lisa couldn’t help being sullen, but when she glanced at the desperate and eloquent assistant behind him, her anger dissipated, and she smiled, “You are Mr. Davidson, right?”

The assistant’s heart raised and immediately attached his ears. To Brian, “Ms. Davidson, this is Ms. Lisa’s representative sent by the Jin family!”

Brian’s gaze became more complicated, but he still did not let go.

“This is your daughter? Are you married? With whom? Stephen?”

Lisa was speechless, “We are meeting for the first time. You have so many irrelevant questions to ask. You are here today, not to be with me. Talking about cooperation?”

Cooperation is a sh!t, compared to letting him know that she has not only been alive but also married and had children in the past five years, he even wanted to give up everything and kill the man!

Then he would imprison her by his side so that she could not leave again.

Lisa’s tone also turned cold, “Since Mr. Davidson is so insincere, then I will leave first.”

The next second, the entire banquet heard the exclamation here and cast his eyes, and after seeing the situation, he hurriedly turned his head. , So as not to cause trouble to the upper body.

Brian lifted the woman into the air, and that woman was still holding a child in her hand. What scene was this?

He hugged Lisa and walked out of the hall quickly, leaving Tracy and the assistant staring at each other with a dumb face.

It was early winter, and Brian’s Phantom sports car stopped at the door and did not start for a long time. The temperature inside was surprisingly low.

He slammed her into the back seat hard and stepped on without waiting for her to struggle.

Brian held her tightly in his arms, k!ssed her lips, taking in the long-lost sweetness.


Lisa waved her hand, but couldn’t push him away.

Entangling, he reached out and rubbed the skin under her gown like punishment, and she cried out in pain.

After finally letting go of his lips, Lisa immediately bit on the back of his hand viciously, he stopped moving and looked at her deeply.

Brian’s hand was bitten by her with blood.

“Heh… Mr. Davidson, I hope you can give me a reasonable explanation!”

She was angry.

Brian patiently encircled her in his arms, “What’s the explanation.”

“Last time I missed an appointment, this time I lost my morals. If your company does not want to cooperate with the Jin family, the Jin family will not catch up. The representative who came, insulting me and ruining me like this, is this your usual style?”

He laughed lowly, “Sarah, your mouth has become more powerful.”

Lisa replied with an unwilling look. ” I’ll say it again, I’m Lisa, and I am not named Sarah!”

Hearing that, Brian approached her unexpectedly, a warm breath spitting out from her neck.

“No? Why is your body so nervous when I touch you?”

“If not, why do you have the same taste and sensitivity as hers?”

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