There for You Till I Die Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

Hotel room, Tracy sat on the bed obediently. Seeing Lisa coming back with a pale face, she cautiously leaned forward.


Lisa suppressed the anger in her heart, “I’m here, go wash first, go to bed early… By the way, the man I saw today will not be allowed to talk to you again! He is… an a$shole!”

Of course, it was a [email protected]. He forcibly stripped her clothes in the car, l!cked the birthmark of the cinnabar mole on her shoulder, and looked at her like a clown.

If it hadn’t been sensible enough in the past few years, she would almost want to go up and scratch his face!

On the other side, in the old house of Davidson’s, the living room was empty.

Only Lidya leaned lazily on the sofa, dangling a glass of red wine in her hand, looking slightly drunk.

She was wearing silk pajamas, and she outlined a beautiful figure, plus if there were no brows and eyes, it was a scene of bloodshot that none could watch.

Hearing the movement from the hallway, she immediately closed her eyes and pretended to sleep drunk.

She had prepared so much tonight, even the Lady Serena took Ervin to her friend’s house to make her a guest. She couldn’t fail anymore!

Brian had never touched her in the past few years, but he did not find another woman.

She was like a widow but with a living husband, every day she thought about how to make Brian look at herself more deeply.

Realizing that the man’s breath is getting closer and closer to her, her heartbeat raced. As long as he drinks the glass of red wine on the table, coupled with the effect of scented candles, he will definitely lose control!

Did not wait for the expected kiss, only heard him speak coldly.

“Don’t do this again in the future, spend more time in other places.”

Lidya opened her eyes suddenly, blushing like a drop of blood, thinking for a moment, and whispered and leaned forward.

“Brian… Let’s have another child, Ervin will be in the company… Hmm…”

She leaned on his shoulder obsessively, entangled like a water snake.

As soon as she raised her hand, she inadvertently raised his sleeve, and she was startled when she saw the tooth marks on it.

Such a small mouth must be a woman’s, and the smell of unfamiliar perfume on him further confirmed her suspicion.

“What did you do tonight?” She lost that thought at all, full of anger.

Brian pushed her away, “I’m going upstairs.”

As soon as he turned around, Lidya yelled out of control, “Brian! Did you go looking for another woman? You are worthy of me, worthy of lady Lidya?”

Brian didn’t bother to talk nonsense with her. Lidya is no longer the simple girl who just stepped into the entertainment industry.

The filth in this circle soaked her thoroughly.

Lidya is still snarling in disregard of her image, “Why do you refuse to touch me, do you think I am unsightly or something? I have been working hard in the entertainment industry these years. Have you ever cared about me! Since you don’t let me go Why don’t you marry me by your side!”

Brian turned and stared at her coldly, “I don’t want to wait, you can leave at any time, the child stays.”

She was stunned.

Unexpectedly, when she spit out the words in a fit of anger, he would respond so calmly without hesitation.

Brian went upstairs and turned into the study. Five years ago, he had added a lounge to the study, and he had never rested in the bedroom.

Not long after, Ervin and Mrs. Davidson returned.

Seeing the layout and quietness in the living room, Mrs. Davidson covered her mouth and laughed. It seems that Ervin’s mother didn’t waste her time tonight.

Who would have thought that Lidya upstairs had already smashed everything in the bedroom, and still felt puzzled?

As soon as Ervin closed the door after returning to the room, he met Lidya’s angry eyes.


Lidya covered his mouth and dragged him to the bed before he could yell because every day someone was assigned to dress Ervin, so she was pinched to a place that was not easy to find.

While venting, she whispered, “You rubbish, why doesn’t he even like you!”

When she was tired and couldn’t pinch, she looked at Ervin coldly, “If you dare to sue grandma, I will I don’t recognize you anymore and let you be a child without a mother!”

Even with all the bullying, children at this age still have dependence and awe on their mothers.

Ervin is no exception, he nodded with tears.

Lidya laughed at herself again in her heart, this child is really an insult, not like Brian at all.

In the early morning of the next day, Brian drove to the door of the Imperial Hotel.

When he saw the dazzling mother and daughter coming out, he raised his lips and got out of the car.

Lisa saw him about to take a detour, but he reached out and stopped.

“Mr. Davidson, there is nothing to talk about. Although I don’t know how the headquarters will choose between my suggestion and the profit you give, at least I will report your actions without hiding a word!”

Brian did not answer, leaning over and squatting in front of Tracy.

“Yesterday I said you would go to my dessert shop. Are you free now?”

If it is normal if you definitely want to and don’t want to go with him, but now…

feeling the low pressure of Mommy on the side, she shook in a daze. She shook her head, “I ate yesterday…I will not eat cake anymore!”

Brian laughed deeply.

None of the three noticed the thin figure wearing a peaked cap flashing past the flower bed.

The figure stared at the peaceful scene at the door, shaking uncontrollably.

“Sarah, are you back?”

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