Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

“Auntie, I don’t want to work hard anymore…”

Shaun Lin edited the message and then sent it out.

In his eyes, a thick complex color emerged.

Three years.

In order to repay his kindness, he returned from the global dark world and has been in home for three full years.

During these three years, he had no money, power, and no job, so he suffered a lot and ridiculed by the people around him.

For the Bai family to be bulls and horses, scolding lightly, and beating when moving, for the former dark emperor Shaun, he has completely had enough.

And now, he finally made this difficult decision.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

At this moment, a series of short message reminders came.

When Shaun turned on the phone, he saw an additional message on it:

Business Aunt Rowling: “Shaun Lin, Auntie finally waited for your words. Starting today, the eight oil fields under the Universal Group located in Sabia, Africa will be assigned to your private name. In addition, Universal Group will sell it for free. Fifty-one percent of the shares goes to your name.

You will become the new chairman of the Global Group and the actual controlling shareholder. All the industries and personnel of the Global Group in China will be deployed at your sole discretion without the need to notify the group. “

Aunt Underground Rose: “Lin, you finally made this decision! Our blood prison is waiting for your king to return. After waiting too long, I will immediately notify the Yanhuang Branch that you will become the king of the Yanhuang Underground!”

Aunt Nihuang in the military: “Little guy, you’re finally getting acquainted!it’s better to be the god of war in the military. Starting today, the Yanhuang Army will award you the title of Yanhuang Army! From then on, you are the Yanhuang Army. Shan Lin!”


The content of this piece of information is absolutely shocking, but after seeing it, Shaun just nodded, without any surprise.

On the contrary, there was a hint of complexity in his eyes:

“It’s been three years, originally I just wanted to repay the little girl’s life-saving buns! But the cruel reality and people’s snobbery made me have to be that dark emperor again!”


Shaun gently spit out a smoke ring, and a skull pattern was formed in the smoke that slowly dissipated.

Shaun at this moment looked extremely mysterious and strange.

Just at this moment.

When the cigarette butt in his hand fell to the ground just now, a curse came from the villa behind him:

“Shaun, where are you dead again, come in and help us drain the footwash!”

Hearing this, Shaun’s body stiffened, and a playful smile gradually appeared at the corner of his mouth.

At the moment, he stepped on his cigarette butt and walked slowly into the villa.

Suddenly saw his mother-in-law Paula Shen and wife Elvira Bai sitting on the sofa, just after soaking their feet.

Seeing Shaun walked in, his mother-in-law Paula Shen suddenly looked like a cat that had seen a mouse.

“Huh! You useless thing, you even ran out to be lazy, you didn’t drag the floor, and you didn’t wash your clothes. Why did our Bai family raise this waste?”

“Hurry up, pour out the water into drain!”

Shaun had long been accustomed to the harsh attitude of his mother-in-law Paula, his expression was surprisingly calm, and he immediately picked up two basins of water and wanted to walk towards the bathroom.



Seeing her husband’s appearance, his wife Elvira couldn’t bear it for a while. She wanted to help Shaun refute something.

But the words hadn’t been exported yet, and suddenly an interrupted news reverberated on the TV.

“Now we broadcast an important news:

In the latest news from the United States, Global Group, which controls 70% of the global economy, officially announced that the eight oil fields that it had just acquired from Africa’s Sabia last month will be transferred to a Chinese youth for free.

In addition, 51% of the company’s equity was also given to the Chinese youth for free. “


After seeing this news broadcast, whether it was mother-in-law Paula or wife Elvira, they all took a breath.

Eight oil fields?

That is worth tens of billions.

The most terrifying thing is the 51% equity of Universal Group, which is definitely not measurable by money.

Even in the world, it is definitely a super boss.

Mother-in-law Paula and his wife Elvira simply couldn’t imagine what kind of Chinese youth could obtain so much wealth for free.

However, this is only the beginning.

“Major news: Yanhuang Army holds a press conference. Starting today, one more person will be added to the seat of the army! The name is-Shan Lin! From now on, they will have four seats for Yanhuang!”


This news shocked the mother and daughter again.

The army seat is the most lofty general title in the history of the state. He rules inside and resists powerful enemies from the outside. It is also a god idol in the hearts of all the people of Yan Huang.

And now, one more person was added, which is enough to see the horror of the forest seat.

At that moment.

The face of mother-in-law Paula was filled with boundless envy:

“The Global Group, which controls the world’s largest economic chaebol, becomes the new master of the world! One becomes a new generation of army, dominates one side, and is respected by thousands of people! Alas, they are Shan Lin, and my waste son-in-law is also named Lin, but It’s just a waste of soft food. It’s really better than people, and it’s maddening…”

With that said, mother-in-law Paula’s gaze couldn’t help but fell on Shaun who was holding the foot wash, and the anger on her face suddenly grew stronger and stronger:

“Huh! Shaun, take a look! this person, the same surname Lin, what kind of person is he, what kind of trash you are! You are so lazy every day, and you just are just eating and waiting for death. What is the use of you for my Bai family?

Paula’s words are extremely harsh.

When Shaun heard this, not only was he not angry, but the faint smile at the corner of his mouth became more playful.

He is looking forward to it, if one day.

My own bitter mother-in-law knows that the forest seat in her mouth is him, and the richest man in her mouth is him, how wonderful the expression on her face will be.


Shaun smiled and shook his head, and walked towards the bathroom with the footwasher at the back.

Looking at Shaun’s back, Elvira’s pretty face also showed a trace of complexity and unwillingness.

He is also a man after all.

That mysterious youth had already taken control of the giant of the Universal Group, and that Shan Lin has shocked the entire nation by becoming one of the four big army men.

And what about Shaun?

He was still eating soft rice, relying on his wife to feed him every day, eating and waiting to die.

The gap between this day and place is simply incomparable.

Thought of this.

Elvira’s heart was very irritable, and she shouted at Shaun angrily:

“Shaun, quickly poured the foot wash, changed clothes, and accompanied me to the class reunion later!”


Shaun was startled slightly. It was the first time that Elvira had brought herself to a party in the three years of marriage.

“it is good!”

Shaun agreed very simply.

For three years!

He originally wanted to use the identity of an ordinary person to repay Elvira’s life-saving grace of a steamed bun.

As a result, what brought her was the ridicule and endless humiliation of others.

And now!

Shaun became the king of that world again. He would make people who laughed at Elvira shut their mouths, and let those who humiliated Elvira bow down on their knees.

At the moment, Shaun entered the bathroom, drained the footwashed water, and then walked into his room.

Soon, he changed into a casual outfit.

However, when Elvira and Paula saw Shaun’s clothes, the eye brows of the mother and daughter frowned.

“Shaun, do you deliberately embarrass Elvira? Your suit was made three years ago. If you wear it out like a tattered piece, you will lose the face of our Bai family.”

“This rubbish is really shameful!”

Paula’s face was full of disgust.

Even Elvira was very unhappy at this moment, frowning and persuading:

“Shaun, this dress is too old! You can change it again!”


Shaun was slightly startled when he heard the complaints of the mother and daughter, then stretched out his arms and said in confusion:

“I think it’s good! This dress is the most comfortable to wear, and I usually don’t want to wear it. It is only suitable for important occasions!”


Shaun’s words made Paula and Elvira crazy.

Does this kid have a problem with his head?

He dare to say that he is not reluctant to wear the three years old torn clothes and are suitable for important occasions?

At the moment, Elvira flushed with anger, and said angrily:

“Okay! You can wear it if you want! If you are embarrassed in front of the old classmates, don’t blame me. Humph!”

After speaking, Elvira got up so angry, picked up a handbag, and walked outside.


Shaun touched his nose, the corner of his mouth curled up.

His dress is the most outstanding work of Italy’s top fashion designer Pellet Catherine in three years.

Global private order, this one alone, has a market price of hundreds of millions.

At the beginning, there were countless global giants who spent a lot of money and wanted to buy it. Later, when I heard that this dress was a gift for Catherine, they all retreated in panic and gave up the idea.

Shaun couldn’t help but shook his head, and followed Elvira to the door:

“Where are we going now?”

“Shengshi Club!” Elvira walked out of the room without even looking at Shaun.

Shengshi Club?

Shaun was startled. If he remembered correctly, this should be a very small industry in Yanhuang, right?

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