There for You Till I Die Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Conference Room Davidson Heights

“Okay, thank you Mr. Davidson for your patient explanation just now. I also wish you smooth cooperation this time. Our enthusiastic audience is also very curious about it. You have not held a wedding so far. Five years ago, you and the international actress Lidya’s wedding had been prepared. Why didn’t it take place as scheduled? Is the relationship between the two in crisis?”

The eyes under the golden silk frame are as calm as ice, Brian was silent.

The assistant on the side stepped forward, “What other recordings are still being recorded? I don’t know how to filter this problem?”

Brian got up and left the conference room indifferently without a word.

As soon as he got into the car, Mrs. Davidson called in.

“Brian, I will push all the entertainment tonight, go home for dinner.” Brian frowned, “Tonight is the negotiation with Jin’s business representative, I will come back later.”

Lady Serena looked aside in distress, “Then give me a push too, if you don’t come back quickly, you will never see your mother again!”

The other side hung up the phone angrily, Brian lighted a cigarette and vomited A few layers of smoke rings, slightly exhausted, ordered, “Go to the old house and also contact the representative sent by the King to postpone the meeting.”

This way, it is good to give King prestige, and he can also dominate the profit when signing the contract. right.

Davidson’s old house is full of joy and a childlike atmosphere.

Today is the birthday of the young master Ervin Davidson. As the only blood of the Davidson family, he is the only rich child in the city with all his favorites.

As the little birthday star, he was not at all happy, just staring at the door quietly, waiting for the tall figure to appear.

Lidya’s eyes were deep when she saw this, and when she turned her head, her eyes were gentle, “Ervin, come and blow the candles, Dad will be back later.”

Ervin reluctantly moved over.

Half an hour later, when Brian returned, he was already asleep on the small sofa.

Seeing his son’s calm side face and his gentle and beautiful brows, he always couldn’t help but think of that woman.

The most attractive thing about Sarah was her eyes, and that’s why Mrs. Davidson believed that she was a cunning fox who would seduce people with winks.

Ervin opened his eyes in a daze and was stunned when he saw his father.

Dad’s eyes were really gentle and affectionate, but why did he all disappear when he was awake, leaving only apathy?

“Dad, you haven’t said happy birthday to me.”

He hurriedly got up and grabbed Brian who was about to go upstairs.

In the past few years, he had never looked at this son more, because this was Lidya’s son, which made Brian always guilty of thinking of the life in Sarah’s stomach.

Brian shook him away, “I was busy, good night.”

Ervin watched his father’s figure disappear in the corner, tears falling in large numbers.

At the same time, in the restaurant’s private room, Brian’s assistant hurried to the appointed private room and successfully met the representative of Jin’s.

What surprised him was that the young woman sent by the Jin family was actually a young woman who looked only in her twenties, and her eyebrows were familiar.

“Representative Lisa, hello, I am President Davidson’s assistant. I’m sorry, he has something urgent tonight. I hope we can make an appointment next time. President Davidson will definitely apologize in person.”

Upon hearing this, the beautiful and cold woman took a sip of the red wine. savor a long while before opening faint, “no issue, I can understand, but next time I want to see him on the table, words matter in our field, I will return to the United States this weekend and asked him to grasp the opportunity.”

The aura of the woman inf front is not inferior to that of Brian at all.

The biggest consequence of the missed appointment that night was that Lisa replied in the email every time, “Sorry, Mr. Davidson, I have an appointment, and I will find time another day.”

Brian couldn’t make an appointment with her anymore.

Lisa came here as an olive branch thrown by Jinshi. In terms of jewelry design, Jinshi is a recognized pyramid tip at home and abroad. Apart from Jinshi, Brian can’t find a good partner.

Seeing that only two days were left before Lisa returned to the United States, the assistant inquired that Lisa would be attending a golden wedding ceremony held at the West Tower Hotel that night, and immediately reported it to Brian.

Brian sneered at the corner of his mouth, “Hmm, to the West Tower Hotel.”

He has always brushed his face in the City. Whoever wants to hold a banquet during his busy schedule will be considered a big face. Welcome, the etiquette at the door naturally did not dare to stop him.

That night, a highly respected retired official of the city held a golden wedding memorial ceremony for himself and his wife. When he saw the arrangement of the scene and the costumes of the servants, Brian had to sigh in his heart.

This Lisa can sit firmly as the head of the King’s wedding design department, and she has extraordinary talents.

After the ceremony began, it was a boring process. Brian sat in an inconspicuous corner, scanning the crowd, searching in secret. When his eyes fell on the bride’s wedding dress on the stage, he couldn’t help leaning forward, clenching his hands tightly.

He had seen that wedding dress, and it looked very similar to the one he ordered to make for Lidya, but it was obviously more gorgeous and delicate.

The wedding did not take place, Lidya’s wedding dress was grayed out long ago, and the drawings of her private design have never been passed on, but how could it be so similar?

While he was meditating, a reckless little girl carrying a cake, accidentally tripped and ran into his seat.

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