There for You Till I Die Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Early in the morning in the United States, Lidya just woke up sleepy and received a call from her subordinates.

“Hey, what’s bothering you in the morning…what? Run? Why don’t you go after it! Where can she go with her big belly, a bunch of rice buckets!”

She suddenly became sober and slammed the phone angrily.

She really underestimated Sarah.

Now she doesn’t want to go back to China. If the child in Sarah’s stomach is gone, she will be delayed by the Davidson family.

After thinking for a moment, Zack knocked on the door and came in. She immediately got up and said, “Book a ticket and go back! Otherwise, our plan will be all over!”

On the other side, Brian just got on the extended commercial vehicle, and his right eyelid kept jumping.

He didn’t sleep well last night, and it seems that today he is going to Gristen to find a master to explain his dream.

A life and death chase is being staged on Gristen Mountain.

Sarah was walking around in the grass with her big belly, and the angry searching men behind her got closer and closer. She was really weak with her big belly.

Seeing that she was about to run to the mountain road, there was a sense of relief in her eyes, as long as she could meet a passing vehicle to stop the ride, she could get rid of those people!

At this time, a commercial vehicle approaching in the distance ignited her hope. She tore off the clothes held by the grass branches and rushed to the road with a wave of hands to intercept.

The driver slammed the brakes, causing Brian in the back seat to frown deeply.

“What’s the matter?” The driver looked ahead, “President, there is a big-bellied village woman in front of us stopping our car. She seems to be asking for help. Should we…”

Seeing that Brian’s expression was not good, the assistant looked at him with readiness to receive a reprimand, “Are you kidding me? Drive her away and take the car forward!” The driver deserves to bite the bullet and get out.

When Sarah saw someone, she pulled her throat and wanted to talk, but Lidya gave her medicine for her bad throat, and she was just “whooping” to others.

Sarah stomped her feet in despair. Suddenly, her eyes swept to the silhouette on the back seat window, and she immediately threw off the driver and went to his boss for help.

Hearing the sound of violently tapping the car window, Brian lowered the car window unhappily.

The person in front of him became clearer and more complete, and he was stunned when he saw Sarah.

Sarah was the same, even forgetting that she was still running for her life, she would never think that the last straw was Brian who wanted her life!

Brian was also shocked. The woman in front of him was so dirty. He was afraid that maybe he was possessed. When he saw someone, he thought it was her.


Brian! Please help me! Lidya wants to grab our child!

Seeing that the dirty woman in front of him couldn’t say the whole thing, he hesitated even more.

At this moment, his mobile phone rang like an urging, and Zack’s voice on the opposite side was anxious and panicked.

“President, it’s okay! We just left the airport, but Miss Lidya’s car had an accident, and a lot of blood is lost!”

Brian was furious, “Aren’t you in the United States?”

Zack was anxious,” Miss Lidya thought to come back early to give you a surprise. She said that she wanted the president to watch the birth of the baby… Please come to the hospital! Miss Lidya’s situation…”

Zack almost shouted, and of course, Sarah outside the car window heard it. She stared at Brian blankly, with tears in the corners of her eyes.

Brian had no intention of caring about other things. If the child in Lidya’s stomach had an accident, Mrs. Davidson would definitely ask for life and death, “Drive away the idlers and drive!”

Sarah became stiff and looked like a stranger. Brian.

He was unaware of her scorching gaze, and he was even more unmoved when Sarah reached into the car window helplessly and grabbed his sleeve.

The assistant and the driver dutifully dragged her away from the car.

The exhaust of the car sprayed in front of her, and she sat down on the mountain road, stunned as if she had been shot with a paralyzing bullet.

Suddenly, the men who had been chasing her rushed out and tied her back.

At the same time, her stomach began to ache sharply, and dense cold sweat oozed from her forehead.

A man noticed her strangeness, and he stuttered when he leaned over to see, “This…is this woman going to give birth? Below…this is the broken amniotic fluid!”

Sarah almost fainted in pain, at this moment on the mountain. Several monks came down and took her to the temple when they saw it.

Sarah was dragged away by people in a daze, unaware of where she was, only knowing that she was trying her best to build strength.

An old woman’s voice next to her was instructing her, “Hold on, don’t sleep, you will come out soon!”

“Ah…” She stubbornly endured the pain for several hours, and finally listened when she was almost unable to hold on. There was a cry of a child.

“Oh, it’s… no wonder the belly is so big…”

She couldn’t understand the old woman’s words and fainted in a blink of an eye.

At the same time, Brian hurried to the hospital.

“How is she!”

Zack immediately got up, “It’s been two hours since she was sent in. President, don’t worry, Miss Lidya has her own vision, so she must be fine.” The Lady Serena also came over, crying dimly, and said What if her grandson is gone, she won’t live anymore.

Brian stood silently to the side, thinking of the child in Sarah’s stomach.

If she didn’t die and didn’t have a miscarriage, the expected date of delivery would be almost these few days.

If the child is born, will he be more like him or more like Sarah?

Thinking of Sarah’s eyes that were as cool as springs, he was indulged in his memories and couldn’t help himself. He didn’t notice the opening of the operating room door at all.

Lady Serena greeted the doctor as soon as he came out, “Doctor, what is going on with my daughter-in-law and my grandson!” The doctor took off the mask, smiled, and sighed in relief, “Congratulations.”

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