There for You Till I Die Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

One month later.

Brian is getting engaged, and it is his childhood sweetheart, his first love, popular star Lidya Swans.

The top female celebrity is engaged with wealthy aristocrats. This kind of news from the entertainment circle is on the top for several days in a row, and the popularity has been lingering across the time.

Sarah couldn’t even ignore it.

No matter which application or website she opens, she can see the romantic video of Brian in the sea of ​​white roses proposing to Lidya.

Brian looked deeply at Lidya’s tender face, with a gentle smile at the corners of his mouth, affectionately like the sea…

and Lidya stood in a luxurious golden dress in the sea of ​​flowers, exquisite and beautiful like an elf in a flower.

She is covering her mouth, surprised, and moved.

After putting on the expensive engagement ring, the two hugged tightly.

The love is sincere, and the talented girl and the handsome rich man look like a natural pair.

Sarah stared at the phone, and unconsciously murmured these three words from her clenched teeth: “A natural couple…”

“Sister, what’s the matter with you?” Her sister Lara White was shocked and sad when she saw her. Could not help asking, “You look so sad…”

Lara propped up from the hospital bed and took Sarah’s hand.

“Are you tired?”

“No…” Sarah recovered, hurriedly put away the loneliness under her eyes, smiled, and said, “I was just a little dazed, maybe because I didn’t sleep well last night.”

“Then you should go back and take some rest.” Lara said, “I’m fine in the hospital. I’m used to it. I know how to take care of myself.”

Lara is a premature baby, born weak and sick, and the hospital is simply her second home…

Four years ago, she had a heart problem and needed heart surgery, but the treatment in these years had exhausted all the savings in the family, the house was sold, and they could not afford the surgery.

Sarah was desperate and found Brian.

The two signed an agreement, one took the money and the other handled the affairs.

Such four years… Sarah recalled the bits and pieces of the four years, and for a time there was a sense of illusion, like a dream.

It’s like a big dream.

Now that she woke up from the dream, all that is left is the cold reality.

That tall man has never loved her directly. In those four years, the countless lingering days and nights were just venting and trading.

“Sister…” Lara grabbed Sarah’s fingers tightly, “Why are you crying?”

“What?” Sarah returned to her senses in astonishment, touched her face, and it was really wet.

“What’s the matter?” Lara asked worriedly, “You have been lost these days, is there something you are hiding from me?”

“No…” Sarah said, “You suddenly have a high fever these days. I am worried, so that’s why I am a little bit tense.”

Lara’s body finally got better. A few days ago, her lungs became inflamed again, and her high fever persisted, so she was admitted to the hospital again.

Sarah was really worried about her.

“I’ll be fine.” Lara said, “My body is like this, it’s not normal if I don’t get sick. You go back and take some rest, meanwhile, Stephen will take care of me.”

Stephen Wayne is Lara’s boyfriend for two years. The two met in the hospital. Stephen fell in love with Lara at first sight. Although Lara suffered from serious illnesses, Stephen never considered that, but took good care of her and loved her very much.

The two have a very good relationship and have already set a wedding date. Next spring, they will go to the beach to get married.

“Okay, then I’ll leave.” Sarah hadn’t slept well these days, and she was feeling uncomfortable, and her body was indeed unwell. She kissed Lara and left the hospital.

When going out, she happened to run into Stephen at the entrance of the hospital.

“Sister!” Stephen smiled cheerfully, “Are you going back now? I even brought you pork rib soup, have some before leaving.”

“No need…” Sarah smiled, “I’m not hungry. “

Before the words fell, her eyes suddenly went dark, her knees became soft, and she fell straight to the ground.

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