There for You Till I Die Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Brian took a shower and left.

Sarah sat alone by the bed for a long time, then slowly dragged her aching body, wrapped her coat, and went downstairs.

A divorce agreement was placed on a clean and tidy coffee table.

Sarah picked up the agreement, and a check for 5 million flew down at the same time, silently falling on the smooth coffee table.

Sarah looked at the check and smiled bitterly.

She forced herself to read every word of the divorce agreement.

The agreement requires that after the divorce, Sarah should not mention to outsiders that she had a relationship with Brian, should not pester Brian, should not disturb…

Sarah looked at this agreement for an hour.

It should be over, she thought, their business relationship should have ended long ago.

Sarah picked up the pen and signed her name next to Brian’s name. After a few seconds, she picked up the pen again and crossed out the money and the real estate compensation clauses in the agreement.

Brian was generous. In the four years, she had been with him, she had already taken over 4 million in cash, and there was still a house, which was more than enough.

After signing, Sarah clipped the check into the agreement page and began to write the last message to Brian.

“I have signed the divorce agreement and put it in the living room. You can call the secretary to fetch it. Thank you for your care over these years. Without you, my sister’s illness would be…”

Stopped her fingertips, and she deleted the last sentence, leaving only, “Thank you for your care over these years.”

Brian replied quickly: “Well, don’t send messages in the future.”

It is his style absolutely.

Sarah smiled bitterly, turned off the phone, hid the secret in her heart, got up, and packed her things.

Before finally leaving the villa, Sarah glanced back, one last time.

The living room was cleaned up by her, empty and tidy, without a trace of smoke or fire, just like she did back then.

Everything is back to square one.

Sarah closed her sour eyes, closed the door, and left.

A week later, the villa door was knocked.

The person here was Brian’s personal secretary, Zack, who came to get the divorce agreement.

But he knocked on the door for several minutes, and no one came to answer.

Zack was puzzled. Sarah didn’t have a job, three hundred and sixty days a year, she stayed at home. Unless she went to the hospital to see her sister, she was usually at home waiting for Brian to return. Even if she was divorced, the house was given to her. Why is she not here now?

Gone to the hospital again? But isn’t her sister discharged from the hospital?

Zack had no choice but to call her.

“The number you dialed cannot be reached.”

Zack was taken aback and then smiled sarcastically. This woman was really unsympathetic. She even changed her phone when she got divorced. Couldn’t wait to break the relationship, when she got money and a house?

Unable to open the door, Zack finally called the locksmith and forcibly opened the door of the villa.

The rooms were clean and empty. Not only was there no shadow of Sarah, but everything related to her had disappeared. It’s like that beautiful woman had never lived here before.

Zack glanced around the room, only to feel that this woman was ruthless and unjust, divorced, took the money, and immediately disappeared and left.

The divorce agreement was neatly placed on the coffee table.

Zack picked it up and checked the signature.

When he turned to the next few pages, he suddenly paused and saw the intact check and the crossed-out clauses.

This woman chose to go out of the house and never took the money?

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