There for You Till I Die Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Sarah was stunned and caught up with the speeding car.

“Brian, are you listening to me?” Sarah chased the car and shouted loudly, “My sister has an accident, I…”

Boom-the car accelerated again, leaving Sarah far away.

Sarah failed to catch up with the car and finally could only call Brian again.

She knew she was looking shameless like this, but she couldn’t help it.

Brian is the only hope for her sister to live, even if she uses her life as the price, she also hopes that her sister can live.

Sarah made the phone call in the middle of the night, one after another, and was finally connected.

“Mr. Davidson…”

“Hello?” But there was a woman’s voice, Lidya, “Brian is not convenient to answer the phone now. If you are in a hurry, it is better to leave your name, and I will let him call you back. …”

Sarah was dumb.

Lidya said warmly, “If you are okay, then I’ll hang up…”

“Yes!” Sarah gritted her teeth and said with difficulty, “I have something… please tell Mr. Davidson, tomorrow, I will wait at Lucky Cafe, there is a very important thing to tell him, he must come, otherwise, I will breach the contract.”

“Okay, I will help you convey it.” After speaking, Lidya hung up.

Sarah closed her eyes and suppressed the soreness in her heart. Early the next morning, she went to the Lucky Café to wait for him.

But this is a whole day.

In the evening, Sarah waited and Brian’s secretary finally came.

“Miss Sarah, you have breached the contract.” Zack approached, standing upright, looking down at Sarah, “Now that Miss Lidya has known about you and President Davidson, President Davidson is very angry.”

Sarah clenched her fingers: “I could not find another way…I…I’m pregnant.”

The child became Sarah’s only bargaining chip, and she could only use an innocent fetus as a threat.

Zack said coldly: “Davidson doesn’t think this child belongs to him, so I hope you get rid of this wild species as soon as possible, or he will arrange it personally, and…”

Zack’s eyes grew colder and colder: “He has sent me to tell you that if you breach the contract, you will have to pay the price. I hope you take it as a warning and don’t show up in front of him a second time.”

After speaking, Zack strode away.

Sarah got up and wanted to ask a few more questions. The phone rang at this moment, it was Stephen’s call.

Sarah immediately connected: “Stephen, what’s the matter?”

“Sister…” On the other side of the phone, Stephen’s choked voice, “Lara… gone.”

An eerie sound buzzed in her mind: “You!! What are you talking about?”

Stephen cried: “Lara is gone…”

Sarah’s knees softened and she knelt down: “How could this be…”

“There is a stranger who came to visit Lara. After he left, Lara’s heart stopped beating.”

Sarah’s arms dropped weakly, there was still a buzzing sound in her ears, but her consciousness was strangely clear. She remembered what Zack had just said.

“If you breach the contract, you will have to pay a price.” The

price… Is it Lara’s life?

Brian, you are so cruel!

Sarah propped up and stumbled to rush out.

She found the door of Brian’s company again, and yelled out loud regardless of her image, and wanted to see Brian immediately.

The company security was quickly dispatched and they dragged Sarah out.

“Let go of me, Brian, come out for me! Brian!”

Sarah struggled and yelled, attracting the attention of nearby staff.

Finally, the elevator door deep in the hall opened and Brian walked out.

“Brian!” Sarah shouted, “Why are you doing this to me?”

Brian raised his eyes, his eyes were cold and merciless.

“This crazy woman, why are you still here?” The security guard saw that the president was unhappy, and dragged Sarah out more vigorously: “

Go away, don’t let the police catch you!” “Yes, get out of here!”

Another one The security guard also pushed Sarah’s back vigorously.

There were seven or eight steps outside the company. Sarah fell on her heels and rolled down the steps.

When she fell, the people in the company were quiet for a moment.

Brian moved his eyes deeply, his toes moved, and restrained again.

He looked away coldly, ready to walk through another door.

But at this moment, there was a sharp scream of the car suddenly stopping outside, followed by the panic screams of passers-by.

“There was a car accident!!!”

Brian’s pupils shrank deeply and looked up.

Sarah turned her back to him, lying motionless on the road, a dazzling blood flower slowly blooming under her…

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