Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

In the evening, Jacob came back.

Grace sat on the sofa with a blue nose and a swollen face, holding a book of poems in her hand, and a thick gauze in her right hand, staring at Jacob with bitter hatred.

“Zhan Ye asked me to help clean the bowls and chopsticks at the bottom of the cabinet, with good intentions.” Grace said angrily.

Jacob walked over to her, and while taking off the well-tailored handmade suit, he tore away the calligraphy tie, and at the same time, his gaze was slanted at the little woman on the sofa.

“Do you want to waste money by making yourself like this?” The words of those s**y lips turned out to be so ugly.

Grace’s skin was already squeamish, but if it knocked slightly, it would turn blue.

Just now Jason pulled her so fiercely, and threw blocks on her face again, you can imagine how embarrassed she was.

Grace stood up abruptly, raised her chin and looked at Jacob, raised her middle finger, and said angrily:

“Master Zhan, if you want to retaliate against me, just let it go. But please use your brain next time you retaliate against me and don’t hurt innocent children.”

Jacob’s eyes are miniaturized-

Suddenly grabbing her little hand, Grace gasped with pain.

Jacob snapped off her erected middle finger tyrannically, and her voice was domineering and cold, “I wanted to clean up the trash on the bottom of the cabinet. But you know that I have a habit of cleanliness, so please take them along when you go out. Throw it out.”

Grace’s chest was burning with anger, and said angrily, “I can take them all away, what about Jason? Have you considered his feelings?”

Jacob lowered his voice and said viciously with a volume that only two people could hear, “When you abandoned him back then, did you consider his feelings?”

Grace slumped on the sofa feebly, and Jacob’s condemnation made her ashamed and only wanted to find a place to sew in.

“I was wrong.” She raised her eyes and stared at him, tears flickering in her eyes, “If I knew it would cause him such a great harm, I would take him out to beg and I would not leave him!”

Jacob looked at the woman’s hypocritical appearance, and a touch of disgust rose in his eyes. “roll!”

Grace grabbed the handbag on the sofa and ran out embarrassedly.

Jacob plunged his body into the sofa. Although he retaliated against Grace, he didn’t feel the slightest retaliatory pleasure when he saw her embarrassed appearance.

Grace was right, in order to avenge her, he also involved the innocent war. He hurt his son, how can she be happy?

Jacob unexpectedly discovered that the omnipotent self who covered the sky with one hand had nothing to do with Grace. Because she was his son’s mother, Jason was not happy to hurt her.

Jacob came to Jason’s room upstairs, and just about to knock on the door, Jason suddenly opened the door.

Jason’s expression was very calm, which surprised Jacob. In the past, if he went mad, he would be excited for a long time, and he might even need rescue drugs to settle down.

“Jason, if you don’t like her, Daddy will tell her not to come tomorrow.” Jacob touched Jason’s head.

Jason said, “It’s up to you.”

Jacob was a little surprised. Jason didn’t seem to be very repulsive of Grace’s arrival?

This is strange. In the past, strangers came to the door, and Jason was very repellent. What’s more, Grace still had unpleasant things with Jason today, should Jason reject her very much?

“The poem she read…not bad.” Jason suddenly said.

Jacob’s handsome face is a little petrified.

“Are you complimenting her?”

“Seek truth from facts!”

“Read it to me!” Jacob was very curious, and his son, who had never caught a cold with literature, even smelled the beauty of poetry for the first time.

Jason resisted.

Although the poems are beautiful, he can’t read the sour poems to death.

Jacob knew that Jason was stubborn and couldn’t force him to do anything.

“Don’t read it.” Then he went back to his study to work.


When Grace rushed to the kindergarten, she was still two full hours late.

Derek and Faith stayed in the teacher’s office, chatting with the teacher enthusiastically.

“Teacher, why hasn’t our mom come here yet? You call her and ask if she still remembers that she left two babies in the kindergarten?” Derek was talking.

The angel baby Faith immediately said nice things for Mommy, “Brother, Mommy is very busy at work. Don’t worry.”

But after only getting along for one day, the teacher fell in love with these two angel babies. Not only do they look good, but they also have a small mouth that speaks very well.

The teacher couldn’t help teasing them, “You two don’t look alike at all, are you really twins?”

“Yes, because I have inherited all the advantages of Mommy, and my brother has inherited all the shortcomings of Mommy. So they look different.” Faith repeated what Mommy said.

Derek immediately refuted his sister’s point of view, “Nonsense, because one of us looks like daddy and the other looks like mommy.”

Faith pouted, “Anyway, I don’t want to be like Daddy. I want to be as beautiful as Mommy.”

“Don’t worry, your willingness has come true.” Derek said.

The teachers laughed at the children’s cuteness.

When Grace entered, the teacher sternly said, “I know you are very busy at work, but letting the children arrive at school so long and late for school to pick them up will not affect the growth of the children. Good influence. I hope you will pay attention to it tomorrow.”

Grace nodded in agreement.

But in her heart, what should she do tomorrow?

Taking the children home with great thoughts, Derek and Faith stood before her like door gods.

“Mummy, please tell me honestly, how did your body injury come from?” Derek interrogated Grace with a stern face.

“Mommy’s eyes have turned into red rabbits, Mommy has cried!” Faith said.

Grace looked at the two Mengbao’s concerned eyes, and his heart was like an overturned condiment, which was very unpleasant.

They love her because she has tried her best to love them over the past five years. Love is mutual.

But Jason did not have this good luck.

“Mummy is okay.” Grace cheered up.

The two children each gave her a tender hug, “Mommy, come on.”

That night, Faith had a high fever at night. Grace carried her daughter to a nearby hospital in the middle of the night and hung up in the emergency room.

The world’s great wonders.

The emergency doctor turned out to be her half-sister Luo Shiyu.

Although Grace and Luo Shiyu are both daughters of the Luo family, the treatment of the two sisters by the Luo family is very different.

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