Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

After Grace’s father divorced Grace’s mother, he married Luo Shiyu’s mother.

It looks like a normal divorce and remarriage, but Luo Shiyu’s age is only two years younger than Grace.

When Luo’s father divorced his ex-wife, Grace was already five years old. It can be seen that Luo’s father cheated on marriage.

But at that time, Grace’s mother lived in a remote rural area and didn’t know how to use the law to defend her marriage.

When Grace was fifteen years old, her mother became ill due to exhaustion, and she was afraid that she would die and her daughter would not be taken care of, so she let her travel thousands of miles into the city to find her relatives.

Who knew that Father Luo actually introduced his own flesh and blood in the name of an illegitimate daughter.

Although Grace entered the Luo family, she lived very humble.

Luo Shiyu’s mother and daughter often humiliated Grace, who was rustic, and often beat and scolded Grace when her father was away. Once Grace couldn’t help but talked back, Luo Shiyu’s mother and daughter even took off her clothes and kept her in the bathroom all night.

Since then, Grace has suffered from severe depression.

The reminder that really made Grace unable to survive was that her biological mother Huang Zhixiu had uremia and came to the city to look for her and borrow money from her daughter to see a doctor.

How can Grace lend her money?

Huang Zhixiu saw that her daughter was dressed well and thought she was ready. She also learned that the people in the city dislike the poor and love the rich. Huang Zhixiu angrily called her a white-eyed wolf.

Grace mustered up the courage to ask Luo’s father to borrow money, but Luo’s father refused.

Her father’s unreasonable words became the last straw to crush the camel.

“Grace, I am worthy of raising you. Don’t be greedy, don’t expect to get any benefits from me. People must learn to be content.”

That day, Grace, who was abandoned by family at the same time, had the thought of committing suicide for the first time.

She walked aimlessly on the street and saw a red car approaching. She suddenly ran into the car out of control.

When she woke up, Irene completely replaced her.



The child in her arms made a soft and cute cry.

Grace’s erratic thoughts pulled back, holding Faith and walking towards Luo Shiyu.

There are few patients in the emergency department at night.

Luo Shiyu also saw Grace, but seeing the child in her arms, Luo Shiyu was obviously taken aback, and sneered coldly.

“Grace, who owns this child?”

The calculations revealed in Luo Shiyu’s eyes made Grace frown, and she replied coldly:

“Nowadays doctors can control it so generously. Patients have to investigate their household registration when seeing a doctor?”

Luo Shiyu was choked and speechless.

But in her heart secretly surprised, this person has not seen for five years, this person has become sharp-edged mouth.

He patted the table in front of him and gestured proudly to Grace to sit down. She slowly took out the stethoscope and auscultated the child’s heart and lungs.

Grace’s concerned eyes failed to escape Luo Shiyu’s eyes, and she was certain that this child was her daughter.

“Sister, who is the father of the child?”

“Dead.” Grace said.

“The child looks cute, how old is it?”

“Four years old.”

Grace knew that Luo Shiyu had no good intentions, so she didn’t tell the truth.

After an examination, it was concluded that “tonsils are suppurated, and treated with fluid infusion.”

Grace had to hold Faith to the infusion room.

The ticking of time…

Soon, the sky to the east turned out a touch of white.

Grace looked at the time on the phone and the long infusion tube like an hourglass, anxious.

She couldn’t wait to break her body into three parts, one for Faith, one for Derek, and another for Jason.

It was in such a tormented process that Grace still persisted in hope. Before the last moment, she didn’t want to give up the hope of visiting Jason in Haitian.

At 7:30, Grace took out her mobile phone to tell Jacob that she might be late for a while. But the phone is dead.

Grace borrowed the nurse’s mobile phone to call the past, but Jacob cut off the call mercilessly.

The sea and the sky are the same.

Jacob looked at Jason on the sofa with his arms in his arms, next to the small backpack of Jason Kindergarten.

Jacob asked uncertainly, “Are you really going to kindergarten?”

Jason nodded.

Jacob raised his wrist and looked at the limited edition diamond watch, frowned slightly. He has a very urgent meeting to be held today. But Grace hadn’t come near eight o’clock.

He called her, but the phone rang prompted the other party to shut down.

Jacob’s handsome face was like a sculpture shrouded in Binghan, even if this woman didn’t want to continue working, she should tell him in advance.

What does she mean?

But staying away with Jason for a day?

He knew that she did not have the consciousness of being a mother.

“Jason, Daddy has an emergency meeting to be held. I will ask Aunt Bai to send you to kindergarten. Okay?”

Jason looked at Daddy’s frowning brows and nodded reluctantly.

Jacob was relieved.

after an hour.

Bai Nanning is here, and she will always be an impeccable temperament that does not eat the fireworks.

With a fair and white goose-egg face, black long straight hair, and delicate features, it looks gentle and lovely, small and exquisite.

She took out the key from the pink limited edition handbag, gently stirred the doorknob, and the door opened. She stood by the door and yelled at Jason sweetly: “Jason, Aunt Bai will pick you up to school. Oh. Let’s go!”

Jason looked at her indifferently, reluctantly carried his schoolbag, and walked towards her.

Bai Nanning opened the door of the back seat for Jason. After Jason got in, she sat in the co-pilot and ordered her female driver, “Go!”

Jason’s gaze fell straight to the sidewalk outside the car window.

“Jason, you have to be good when you go to kindergarten, and you can’t fight with your classmates, you know?” Bai Nanning exhorted, she was Jason’s mother in that tone.

Jason ignored her, but his face was even colder. He is not a troublemaker, if it weren’t for those classmates to provoke him first, he would not fight with them.

“This kid, why is it so rude. Aunt Bai is talking to you?” Bai Nanning said angrily when Jason didn’t respond.

Jason still did not speak.

“I will be your mom from now on, Jason you have to be polite to me.” Bai Nanning said angrily.

This time, the war ended.

He punched the window glass with a fist and said angrily, “I want to get out of the car.”

Bai Nanning was a little panicked, “Jason, what are you crazy? Your father will give you to me, and Aunt Bai must send you to kindergarten.”

“I’m not going.” Jason shook his head.

Bai Nanning turned a deaf ear to Jason’s emotional changes, but said to the driver, “Leave him alone, go to school.”

When the car came to a stop at the school gate, Jason took his schoolbag and opened the door and jumped down.

This is the time when students are intensively entering the kindergarten. Jason was just angered by Bai Nanning, who looked like a vicious little wolf dog.

When his classmate saw him, he shouted to his mother in fear, “Mom, look at him, that’s the problem student in our class!”

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