Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

Jason stopped and glared at the kid who spoke badly about him.

Jason’s gaze killing has a maturity and power that does not match his age.

The child was timid, so scared that he hid in his mother’s arms.

When the parents saw their children trembling with fright, they yelled at Jason, “What does this kid stare at? Didn’t your mom teach you to stare at others?”

The assistant felt that Jason was pitiful and prepared to step forward to help Jason.

Bai Nanning took her and said, “Jason, this child is too high-spirited, and it is good to let him learn a little lesson. Otherwise, his bad temper will not change, I am afraid I will not have a good life after entering the Zhan Family.”

Jason hates someone saying bad things about his mummy, but the parent of the student committed his crimes.

“Don’t talk about my mommy!” Jason instantly pounced at the parent who scolded him like a crazy little wolf dog.

“Is this kid crazy? Who is his parent? It doesn’t matter.” The parent pulled Jason’s hands in his hands, not allowing Jason to attack her.

Seeing that there was no response from the parents, Jason fell on the ground with a cruel push, bumped his head against the stone pillar next to him, and immediately raised a green bag.

When Bai Nanning saw this, she felt a little frightened. If Jason really had two shortcomings, Jacob would definitely not forgive her.

She finally stood up and walked towards Jason.

People around her pointed and pointed, “How can someone be a mother like this?”

Bai Nanning has a thin face. She has not been humiliated since she was a child. She was annoyed and vented her anger on the child: “Jason, come back with me, shameful.”

In this way, Bai Nanning squeezed Jason back into the car and returned to Haitian Yishi.

In fact, Grace had been in Haitian for a while, because there was no one in the villa, and she hadn’t seen Jason, so she was reluctant to leave, so she stood outside the door and waited.

Bai Nanning’s car stopped next to Grace, and the window slowly slid down. Grace heard Bai Nanning’s furious lesson and died, “People say you have no education, you should reflect on your mistakes, what are you doing? Just behaved like a lunatic—very unmannered!”

Grace looked at Jason in the car, the child lowered his head, his handsome little face was showing the baby’s unhappy facial makeup, and the blood on his forehead was Qing Baoqin.

Jason got out of the car in a dull manner. When Bai Nanning saw Grace, she was slightly surprised, and then asked contemptuously, “Are you Jason’s nanny?”

Grace nodded.

Bai Nanning’s suspicious gaze swept Grace’s whole body all over, and finally raised her chin, saying quite arrogantly, “Where did Jacob find the babysitter, it’s pretty pretty!”

Grace was too lazy to pay attention to her, but turned around to chase Jason, “Jas, why are you injured?”

Compared with Bai Nanning’s high-pitched tone, Grace’s voice was as gentle as a spring breeze, and the anxiety in her eyes was so intense.

Jason said nothing, kicking the marble tiles under his feet annoyed.

Bai Nanning followed and said bitterly, “Some parents criticized him for not having a tutor, so he rushed to fight with others and was taught this way…”

When Grace heard this, she looked at Bai Nanning angrily. Jason was beaten like this, and she could still be out of the picture. How did Jacob invite such a coldhearted person to send Jason to school?

Grace was very angry, “I call my family Jas no tutor, she is the only person who is not polite. Jas, you take me to see her, I want to get justice for you.”

War Sui could not help being a little dazed.

When his daddy encountered this kind of thing, he called the teacher directly and let the teacher handle it.

The final result was neither good nor bad. The teacher criticized those classmates, and those classmates never played with him again. The nickname was given to him behind his back: the accuser!

Jason thought for a while, then nodded in agreement.

Grace hugged Jason to the back seat and said directly to the dazed Bai Nanning, “Thank you for taking us a ride.”

Bai Nanning was dumbfounded.

The babysitter invited by Jacob dominates her work?

This babysitter seems a little unusual.

She wants to see what the nanny wants to do?

Humph, I still want to settle for the battle, and don’t look at how many catties I have! If you get into trouble, you can just push everything to her.

“Drive!” Bai Nanning sat in the co-driver and said to the assistant.

ten minutes later.

The car arrived at the school gate.

Grace took Jason’s little hand and walked into the school like a rainbow. It’s a coincidence that the parent who learned the lesson just came out of the school.

“It’s her.” Jason glared at the woman angrily.

Grace opened her arms and stopped the oncoming woman.

The woman was slightly surprised when she saw Grace who was full of resentment.

But after seeing the battle on the side, it became clear immediately, Yin and Yang said strangely, “Oh, this child without a mother is pitiful. Every day, different women pick up and go to get off work.”

These words are clearly insulting the improper style of Jacob.

Grace directly raised her hand and slapped the woman neatly.

“Do you dare to hit me?” The woman yelled angrily, clutching her hot face.

Grace always protects the calf: “I’ll hit you, who told you to owe me? You have no manners and no restraint when you speak ill of such a small child.”

The woman moved her lv bag forward, looking contemptuously at Grace’s cheap attire, “I don’t care about shabby people like you. I know that poor people have little education, and my adults have a lot. Forgive you. Up.”

Grace sneered, “Tell me an lv bag that you can buy all over the street, and you will pretend to be a rich man!”

The woman didn’t expect that Grace, who was wearing cheap clothes, had such a vicious look. At a glance, she could see that her lv bag was a normal version, and her face suddenly became embarrassed.

“It’s better than a woman like you who wears goods on the floor…” Before she finished speaking, Grace suddenly pulled out her necklace of angelic tears from the collar, and pulled out the ordinary swan box. It turned out to be a rare gem-the tears of angels!

The woman’s eyes overflowed with a touch of astonishment, and she looked at Grace in surprise.

Bai Nanning looked at the deflated woman and walked up suspiciously. Grace instantly shut off her angelic tears, with a black swan hanging on her fair-white neck.

“I won’t tell you anymore…” Seeing Grace’s imposing aura, the woman retreated, pretending to leave.

But Grace refused to let her go, “Apologize to the child. Otherwise you can’t leave today.”

The woman couldn’t hold her face down and argued with a black face, “Your child was rude to my son first, so why should I apologize?”

Grace glanced at the silent Jason next to him, and said:

“If Jason is really rude to your child, Jas should apologize to your son. But if you bully the big and hurt my Jas, you must apologize to him. Otherwise, I will be guilty of child abuse Sue you!”

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