Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

The onlookers condemned the woman, “That is, how can you bully the small with big things?”

Upon seeing this, the woman blushed her old face and whispered to Jason, “I’m sorry.”

Jason said coolly, “Don’t scold my mommy anymore.”

Grace looked at Jason, with a mist of water in her eyes.

In Jason’s heart, Mommy is a sacred existence. She owes the child so much.

The woman nodded and ran away dingy.

When the matter was resolved, Grace held Jason’s shoulders and asked gently, “Jas, I will send you into the classroom?”

Jason looked at the school door, his step forward was obviously slower, and the resistance in his eyes was also very strong.

Grace put Jason into his arms.

The child is clearly afraid of going to kindergarten, so why force him to go in? Maybe in the kindergarten, something unpleasant happened to Jason.

Grace said, “Jason, don’t you want to go to kindergarten?”

Jason nodded stiffly.

Grace suggested, “Then I will take you to the playground, OK?”

Jason’s handsome face appeared hesitant.

He really doesn’t like going to kindergarten, but he is also afraid of getting along with strangers.

Grace and him are not acquaintances!

Seeing Grace’s sincere expression of treating each other, Jason put down his guard and nodded.

Grace hugged Jason and cheered, “Let’s go to the playground.”

“No! You can’t leave with Jason, Jason should go to school.” Bai Nanning suddenly stood in front of Grace, a little angrily stretched out her hand to catch Jason.

Jacob asked her to send Jason to the kindergarten, and she must complete the task he assigned.

Grace’s attention was on Jason just now, and only then did he look at Bai Nanning seriously.

Although Bai Nanning wore the white shirt and black skirt of a working woman, she still couldn’t hide her beauty.

She is generous, intellectual and elegant.

“Are you?” Grace only then remembered to inquire about the identity of this woman.

Bai Nanning raised her chin and said, “My name is Bai Nanning, and I am Zhan Shao’s fiancee. It won’t be long before I will be Jason’s stepmother!” The tone was flat and straightforward, but it was difficult to hide pride.

Grace was a little stunned!

This turned out to be the woman Jacob liked?

This woman looked shrewd, but she was too shrewd. She only wanted to please Jacob, but ignored Jason.

The more she interfered with Jason’s behavior, the more Jason hated her. Without Jason’s approval, Jacob’s marriage to her is far away.

You know, the Zhanjia people all value their next generation very much.

Grace kindly reminded her, “Since you are going to be Jason’s stepmother, you should learn how to please your children.”

Bai Nanning’s face was unhappy, “You are just the nanny of the warrior family, and you are not qualified to point fingers at me!”

“I just kindly remind you that if you don’t get your child’s approval, Master Zhan will not marry you.” Grace said calmly.

Bai Nanning looked at Grace, Grace exuded a temperament that was dust-free like an empty valley or orchid.

Isn’t this a woman that a man will be moved by the sight of it?

Bai Nanning was inexplicably hostile towards Grace, “You seem to know Shao Zhan well? Maybe you also like Shao Zhan?”

Grace’s blood vessels seemed to be frozen instantly.

It has been a long time, I haven’t thought about her love for Jacob. Was it sealed deep in her heart by her, or turned into hatred under his repeated injuries?

“Don’t worry, I won’t marry him even if I marry a chicken and a dog.” Grace resolutely said.

He is the unreachable star and moon, and she is the shadow in the ditch, they will never meet again.

Bai Nanning felt a lot more at ease, and she was still self-aware. Glancing at the expressionless Jason, she said strongly, “Young Master Zhan asked me to send Jason to school. Jason can only stay in school today.”

Jason’s body shook in Grace’s arms.

Grace felt the child’s resistance and anxiety, and said angrily, “Miss Bai, with me today, no one can force him to do things he doesn’t like.”

After speaking, Grace left with Jason in her arms.

Bai Nanning was so angry that she called Jacob, and the phone was connected. Bai Nanning complained, “Jacob, the nanny you hired is just a b!tch.”

The chill in Jacob’s eyes slowly overflowed. “You speak slowly.”

“She had a quarrel with the parents of the students today, and the influence was very bad. I persuaded her, she scolded me, and even forcibly took Jason out of the school to play.”

Jacob’s handsome face instantly became dark.

Grace’s inferiority as an illegitimate girl from the countryside seems to be deeply ingrained. Under her influence, Jason will inevitably be affected badly. Jacob even felt that it was the biggest mistake that he invited Grace into the house. .


The biggest playground in the south of the city is Happy Valley.

Grace received a call from Jacob as soon as she finished applying for the Changyou Card for Jason.

“Grace, immediately, immediately, now send me Jason back to the kindergarten.” On the other side of the phone, Jacob strongly ordered Grace.

Grace looked at Jason, and saw that rare desire and joy filled Jason’s eyes, Grace gritted her teeth and hung up Jacob’s call.

Jacob looked at the hung up phone, his handsome face turned into an ice sculpture.

Another phone call was made to Grace, and Grace’s painting style changed suddenly…

“Master Zhan-my signal is not good, what are you talking-ah? I can’t hear you well. Talk later.” Then she unceremoniously cut off the phone.

Jacob: “…”

Without saying a word, she began to pretend to be crazy?

When the call is made again, the other party shuts down.

Jacob was so angry, “Grace…”

When Jason came to Happy Valley, he showed a novel look. His daddy is very busy on weekdays and on weekends. Sometimes when he is free, the father and son stay at home and pile Lego, learn programming, and play e-sports.

Grace took Jason on a cruise ship, a carousel, a bumper car, and also experienced surfing, entered a haunted house…played shooting——

When the playground items were about to play, Grace and Jason had returned with a lot of spoils.

Jacob sat on the sofa with a sullen face and waited for them. Grace and Jason stood in front of him with their heads down like children who had done something wrong.

Jacob stretched out his hand and patted Jason’s little head, and gave his only good temper to his son.

“Jas, go upstairs to take a shower, Daddy has filled the water for you.”

Jason glanced at Grace and unexpectedly said to her, “Good luck.”

Then he went upstairs.

As soon as Jason left, Jacob’s handsome face was immediately covered with black lines, and he said coldly, “Grace, you won’t use it tomorrow!”

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