Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

“Why?” Grace asked excitedly.

“Quarreling with classmates and parents, taking children to play truant…you still have the face to ask!” Jacob gritted his teeth, holding back his anger for a day and finally found an outlet.

Grace couldn’t help being angry after listening.

It turned out that her whereabouts today had long been betrayed by Bai Nanning, and the woman also sued the wicked first.

Grace couldn’t help but sneered: “Zhan Ye, do you know why I asked that parent to argue? Why did you take Jason to play truant? It’s because—”

Jacob interrupted her coldly: “I don’t need to know the reason. What you did has exposed your very immature IQ!”

Grace retorted with excitement: “I asked the parent to argue because she scolded you for your wrong style. She also injured Jason. Do you know the negative impact she brought to Jas?”

“Warlord, there is no right to speak without investigation.”

Jacob looked at Grace’s righteous appearance, and couldn’t help raising his eyebrows. After five years, her awkward mouth seemed to have been opened, and it was justified to reason.

“How about playing truant?”

Grace’s expression became a little gloomy.

“Jason doesn’t like going to kindergarten.” She whispered, a painful flash in her eyes.

Jacob stood up, his tall and straight body instantly shrouded her in the shadows, “Loving mothers are more defeated.”

Grace raised a pair of eyes that were as bright as the sea, and argued with him:

“Master Zhan, transfer to Jason! Jason is very resistant to going to this kindergarten. The children and parents here seem to be unfriendly to him. Such an environment is not conducive to the healthy growth of Jason’s mentality!”

Before Grace’s words were finished, Jacob took a step forward, and his height of 185 meters instantly set off Grace’s petite and humble.

He looked down at Grace like a king, with contempt in his eyes.

“Grace, you are not qualified to point fingers at me. My family is not a person like you. When encountering difficulties, I only know to shrink and avoid, I will only teach him to face the difficulties.”

“In ancient times, Meng’s mother moved three times, the war master should follow Meng’s mother…” Grace tried to reason with him.


Jacob interrupted her roughly, “If you really understand the importance of the environment to people, then please set an example for Zhansu. If you are late tomorrow, don’t come later.” Jacob finished. , Went upstairs.

“Master of war, I…I promise not to be late.” All of Grace’s stubbornness disappeared in an instant.

Looking at his resolutely leaving back, as if he were the king who ruled her, Grace sighed helplessly.

“Also…” Jacob stood at the top of the stairs on the second floor, looking down at Grace, “I will not be allowed to hang up my phone in the future.”

Grace was helpless, “I see.”

Jacob turned and left.

Grace raised her wrist to check the time. Faith and Derek’s kindergarten had already ended school.

Although Faith’s fever subsided after the infusion in the morning, the doctor said her fever recurs easily.

Grace was really in no mood to entangle with Jacob at this moment, so she left the villa sadly.

She rushed to the kindergarten in a hurry, and was criticized by the kindergarten teacher for being late. Grace nodded and bowed down and promised to take the two Mengbao out of the kindergarten.

“Mommy, don’t you love me anymore?”

Faith was lying listlessly on Mommy’s shoulders. She was sick and her body was very uncomfortable. If it was usual, Mommy would not send her to the kindergarten when she was sick, let alone be so late to pick them up.

Grace with red eyes, holding Faith in one hand, and holding Derek in the other, said with guilt, “Mommy loves you, baby, Mommy loves you very, very much.”

Derek looked at Mommy with a tired face and said distressedly:

“Mum, is it very tiring at the new job? If Derek and I don’t wear expensive new clothes, do not register for hobby classes, and do not eat expensive snacks, can you change to a lighter job?”

Grace smiled and squeezed Derek’s face, “Mommy is not tired. This job is not easy, and Mommy has reasons to stick to it. You cheer for Mommy, OK?”

Derek looked at Mommy with tears in his eyes, and didn’t believe Mommy’s nonsense. Mommy looked not only embarrassed, but also very sad. It must be something she couldn’t open at work.

Grace took the children back home, and she was exhausted, and she had to take Faith to the hospital for infusion.

Tossing down all night, she almost stayed up all night.

But fortunately, Faith’s fire did not rise.

At dawn, Grace was so sleepy that he slept in bed until 7:30.

As soon as she opened his eyes, Jacob’s ruthless warning sounded in her brain: If you are late again, don’t come again.

Grace quickly got up and packed everything as quickly as possible. But time is very tight, and she has to send Derek Faith to kindergarten, otherwise she will definitely be late.

Derek seemed to see Mommy’s thoughts, and he walked over with Mommy’s handbag, “Mommy, you go to work, Faith and I already know the way to school. We can go by ourselves.”

Grace was still hesitating. Derek took out his phone watch, took out Mommy’s mobile phone, and turned on the positioning system sharing function, saying, “Mommy, so you can know me and Faith anytime and anywhere. Where is it.”

Grace felt bitter, thinking that Faith Derek’s kindergarten was very close, and there was location tracking, so she gritted her teeth and agreed to Derek’s suggestion. “Then you must be careful on the way. Remember to report to Mommy when you get to the kindergarten.”

Derek Faith nodded obediently.

Grace carried the bag and almost ran away.

After Mommy left, the two clever ghosts immediately turned on the computer. It turned out that when Mommy was not paying attention, they secretly synchronized Mommy’s mobile phone positioning system to the computer, so that they could track Mommy’s whereabouts accurately. route.

“Look, Mommy entered the Haitian Yise Villa area.” Faith pointed to the small red dot on the Baidu map and exclaimed excitedly.

The cold and obsidian eyes bloomed with a touch of wisdom.

Derek said, “Faith, you will go to kindergarten with my watch later to let Mommy relax. And I sneaked into the sea and the sky. I want to talk to Mommy’s boss and tell him not to give Mom every day Mi works so much.”

“Good. I wish you success!” Faith cheered.

The sickness of the little guy really came and went quickly, and this would have been refreshed.

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