Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

Although Grace had already rushed to the sea and the sky, she was still late because of traffic jams on the road and the tight time.

Standing on the garden balcony on the second floor of the villa, Jacob looked at the woman rushing, his stern face filled with a sneer.

“Miss Luo, you are late again.”

Grace couldn’t help but hear a chilly sound from above her head, and she almost lost her soul in fright. Lifting her eyes to look at Jacob, the damn man showed a bewildered smile.

She kicked, and the sequelae of her desperate running was intermittent speech, “War-Lord-Road-Driving…” After saying a few words, she began to breathe.

Driving on the road in Zhan Ye-this is too fascinating.

Jacob’s face turned black into coal.

“Can you speak well!”

Grace kicked a few rough breaths, and then said, “Zhan Ye-there are too many people driving on the road, so-I-came late.”

With a cold face, Jacob turned and went downstairs.

A few minutes later.

Jacob was sitting on the sofa, his slender and well-proportioned legs folded into Erlang’s legs, his eyes fixed on Grace.

“I’m late, what do you say?”

Grace certainly remembered his warning to her yesterday. If she dared to be late, she would not use it for work in the future.

If it is for other jobs, Grace encounters such a perverted boss, he will pat her butt and leave.

But this job is different. It is a kind of remedy for Jason’s years of debt. She would rather die than lose her job.

Not even afraid of death, let alone embarrassing?

At this moment, Grace bit her head and said.

“Master Zhan, I was wrong.”

Jacob sneered, “If an apology is useful, what else should the law do?”

“Master Zhan, I’m 30 minutes late. You can increase my working hours for free. I won’t have any complaints.”

The corners of Jacob’s lips twitched, “Increase working hours? Isn’t it right in your arms?”

“I don’t have to pay for it!”


At the moment, outside the villa.

A small figure walked cautiously in the thorny garden.

After turning around the villa for most of the time, no entrance was found. Finally, sneak along the entrance of the parking lot to the basement.

There is an elevator in the basement to go up to the third floor of the villa.

However, the elevator doors are unlocked with fingerprints. Covering the fingerprint lock with a small hand, infrared rays are swept over the fingerprint reading area, and the elevator door opens instantly.

Derek was dumbfounded.

Looking at his little hand, he exclaimed, “Wow, does God give me a pair of universal unlocking fingerprint hands?”

Entering the elevator room, Derek, who was extremely resistant to odd numbers, undoubtedly chose the second floor.

Out of the elevator, it turned out to be a beautiful roof garden. The garden is surrounded by buildings on three sides, which looks very private.

Derek was attracted by the purple and red flowers and plants in the garden, as well as those weird amusement facilities. It was amusement equipment that he had never seen in public playgrounds.

Especially the super long and twisted slides look very fun. Derek couldn’t help the temptation. He climbed up the slide and slid down the crooked tunnel.

“Who are you?” A cold voice suddenly sounded.

Derek was so frightened that he lost control and slipped to the ground as soon as the smoke slipped, and the little butt egg sat on the green lawn.

Looking up at the front, there was no one.

Turning his head and looking behind him, he screamed the moment he saw Jason.


When Jason saw Derek, his stern face also showed a misleading expression.

Derek walked over and couldn’t help touching Zhansu’s face and the clothes on his body. The first reaction was, “Could there be a mirror here?”

However, the real bumpy touch made Derek instantly dispel such unrealistic speculations. Because he noticed that the boy who looked exactly like him wore different clothes.

“Who are you?” Derek asked Jason curiously.

Jason asked, “This is my home. I should ask you this question.”

Derek said openly, “My name is Luo Zihan. What about you!”

“Jason.” Jason replied coldly.

The two children looked at each other’s faces seriously, and it was obvious that they were both stunned by the suddenness of the other self.

“We must be twin brothers.” Derek concluded.

Jason nodded.

Derek stretched out his arms and said happily, “Although I don’t know if you are the older brother or younger brother, but now that I meet, let me give you a hug. Jason, I am very happy to see you.

Jason was slightly startled. This is probably the first time in memory that children have been treated so kindly.

While he was still hesitating, Derek took the initiative to hug him.

“What are you doing here?” Jason asked.

Derek was a little embarrassed and scratched his hair, “I came to see Mommy. But I came here secretly, Jason, don’t you tell Mommy, OK?”

Jason was dumbfounded: “Grace is your mommy?”

Derek nodded, “It’s also your mommy.”

Jason’s handsome face immediately showed a distorted anger, as if he had been fooled.

Seeing that Jason was unhappy, Derek stretched out his hand and pulled his little hand, “Jason, what’s wrong with you?”

“Why does Mommy want you but not me?” Jason asked unhappy.

Derek frowned, he couldn’t answer this question. But soon Derek thought of something, and sighed unhappily.

“What’s wrong with you?” Jason asked him.

“My mommy is your mommy, and your daddy must be my daddy. Mommy wants me to not want you, but why does my daddy want you not to me?”

Suffering from the battle.

The two children were sad for the spring and autumn for a long time, and finally the optimistic Derek suggested:

“Jason, don’t be sad. Mommy and Daddy must have their own difficulties in making such a decision. We have to believe that they love us. Look, Mommy is not coming back to see you? I’m so lucky, I haven’t seen Daddy yet when I grow up!”

Jason caught Derek’s hand, “You come with me, and I will take you to see them.”

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