Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

So the two children secretly hid on the stairs on the second floor, secretly watching the wonderful debate between Grace and Jacob.

As the opposing debater, Grace is passive and lacking in momentum.

“Master Zhan, you always pick the bones in the egg, no matter what I do, you are not satisfied. What about you? You let different women pick up and drop off the children, but have you ever thought that your style issue will affect Jason subtly? “

“Grace, my style is very decent. I don’t need you to remind me. Also, different women, but they are all relatives who died in the war. It is you who have bad thinking, so you misunderstand my style?” Jacob angrily said.

“So what about Bai Nanning? Who is Jason’s relatives?”

“Grace, you have no right to interfere in my personal life.”

“I’m not too lazy to take care of your private life. But please keep your eyes open when looking for a girlfriend and don’t find a vicious stepmother for Jason. Also, even if you plan to have children, can you be safe enough in Jason? Temporarily hide it when you feel it?”

Jacob frowned slightly, “Who told you that I would have a baby with Bai Nanning?”

Grace said, “Miss Bai said it herself.”

Jacob nodded, “Okay, I will tell Jason myself that I will never add younger brothers and sisters to him in my life.”

Grace was a little guilty for some reason, and stammered, “You can’t speak too much, what if two younger siblings come out someday?”

Jacob snorted coldly, “Do you think that everyone is like you, lying, swindling, vulgar, and having a lot of shortcomings? Grace, I extremely suspect that someone like you can’t teach children at all. So you don’t have to tomorrow come to work.”

Grace: “…”


This is anxious to the two little babies upstairs.

Derek pulled Jason into the room, surprised, happy and anxious:

“Jason, your daddy looks exactly like ours. It turns out that he is really my daddy. But please don’t tell daddy that I have been here today, okay? Daddy is already so big to mommy Prejudice, if he knew that I sneaked in, he would dislike Mommy even more.”

Jason nodded very loyally.

“What should I do?” Jason asked.

Derek was in a hurry, “We must find a way to make Daddy like Mommy. So that our family can be reunited.”

“Find a way to keep Mommy.” Jason said.

Derek looked at Jason, “Yes, as long as you go and act like a baby with Daddy, beg him to keep Mommy. Daddy won’t let Mommy go.”

Jason was embarrassed.

“I will not act like a baby.”

Derek looked at Jason’s paralyzed face, “Alright, alright. If you don’t go, I’ll go. You find me a set of clothes and I will go down as you. Look at me.”

Jason opened the closet, and Derek looked at the pure white, pure black, and pure gray—anyway, the clothes of pure color.

Derek flattened his mouth, “Why are they so vegetarian? Mommy said that the child should wear colorful clothes, so it’s as if sunlight is in his heart.”

Jason looked at the white compassionate shirt on Derek, but there was a colorful Ultraman pattern on his chest, and his eyes filled with curiosity.

Derek changed into a pure white t-shirt and jumped to open the door.

Jason stopped him, “Don’t jump.”

Derek turned his head and made an ok gesture towards Jason, then put his hand on his face, and when he took it away, Derek’s energetic face instantly switched to an expressionless iceberg face.

A faint smile appeared in Jason’s eyes.

Derek said to Jason, “You must hide yourself.”

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