Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

“Yeah.” Jason nodded.

Derek walked down the stairs, Jacob and Grace heard the child’s footsteps, and the quarrel between the two stopped abruptly.

Derek walked in front of the two people, looked at Mommy’s red eyes, and then looked at Jacob…inexplicably annoyed at Daddy.

He didn’t expect that the boss who bullied Mommy these days turned out to be the daddy he thought about day and night.

Although Daddy is cool, handsome, and rich. But the best person in the world for him is Mummy. He doesn’t allow anyone to bully Mommy, and neither can Daddy.

“Jason. What are you doing down? Go up quickly and let Aunt Bai send you to the kindergarten.” Jacob looked at his son, his brows frowned, he seemed to see his grievances against him from the bottom of his eyes.

This is unprecedented.

Derek walked to Jacob and raised his head.

Jacob was startled.

Jason is a control micro-expression and micro-movements almost to the point of obsessive-compulsive disorder. But he did a lot of little moves today!

“Daddy, I don’t want Aunt Bai to send it. I want her to send me.” “Jason” pointed at Grace, and his insistence made Jacob speechless.

Jacob gently touched his son’s little head, “Jason, there is something wrong with Aunt Luo’s house, she must leave our house. Jason, you say goodbye to Auntie!”

Derek turned his head and looked at Grace, with tears still in his eyes. Mommy also told him yesterday that she can’t live without this job. It’s obviously that Daddy is overbearing and wants to quit Mommy.

Derek walked to Grace and stretched out his finger to hook Gou Grace’s little finger. Then she acted like a coquettish and became cute, “Grace, don’t leave, I like you to send me to kindergarten. Okay?”

Jacob was dumbfounded.

It was the first time he heard the sound of “Jason” that the soft and cute iceberg melted in an instant.

Grace rubbed her eyes. How could she have such an illusion that Jason was possessed by Derek?

Grace knelt down, holding the face of “Jason”, pleaded, “Jason, can I be late and leave early every day for a while?”

Of course Derek knew the reason why Mommy was late and left early, because Mommy had to take him and Faith to and from school. Derek is a reasonable child and nodded without hesitation, “Of course.”

Jacob was so angry that his lungs were about to burst, Grace actually took advantage of the child’s innocence to find a step down to her bad habits.

“I don’t agree!” Jacob angered.

Derek stared at Jacob bitterly and deeply.

Then with a movement, he walked slowly to Jacob, desperately squeezing out a few tears, looking at Jacob pitifully.

“Daddy, why don’t you like Grace to send me?”

Jacob enumerated Grace’s charges and said, “She has no time concept, and she is late for work every day—”

Derek saw the trick, “Daddy, then you should ask her, why is she late?”

If it wasn’t for taking care of your two other children, Mommy wouldn’t be late! Derek thought angrily.

In front of his son, Jacob’s overbearing a little reduced, Ying Falcon’s eyes stared at Grace, showing tolerance for the first time. “Then you are talking about, why are you late?”

Grace was embarrassed, what would she say?

Tell him she is late because their daughter is sick? Tell him that besides the battle, she actually has to take their other pair of children to and from school?

How dare she expose the existence of Derek Faith before he was not sure whether he would take her child aggressively?

“Huh,” Jacob sneered, “Can’t find an excuse? Is it?”

“Jason” immediately excused Grace, “Daddy, Grace may have her problems. Maybe, her child is sick? Maybe she has to take her child to and from school?”

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