Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1443

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Chapter 1443

Unexpectedly, the evildoer suddenly changed his words, “This task is left to you.”

The eldest sister only feels cold all over…

“Take advantage of the chaos tonight. She died and blamed the doomsday. The little fox has always had the best relationship with her. This is a good opportunity to provoke the little fox and the doomsday.” The evildoer said forestly.

The older sister nodded.

When she walked out of the enchanting room, the eldest sister furrowed her brows and her thoughts were serious.

The evildoer wants her to deal with Hua Wuyou personally?

She couldn’t bear it.

Although as an agent of the Military Intelligence Palace, he should be extinct. And Hua Rong did follow very well a few years ago: killing people is like killing ants, white knives go in and red knives go out, her pain nerves seem to be numb.

But since the innocent little fox appeared, her cold and hard heart was melted by the little fox’s affectionate call.

“Sister, I will stay to protect you. You go.”

“Sister, don’t worry, when I grow up, I will protect you and will not let you be bullied by bad guys.”

“Sister, I have to join the Military Intelligence Hall. Because only then can I protect by your side…”

Hua Rong has never understood that the child has the warmest smile in the world and the most sentimental heart, but how can such a strong desire breed? Can you protect them without fear of life and death, without asking about the future?

Just because she was kind to him deliberately at the beginning?

He is young and still knows how to return to Entu, what about her?

The evildoer is also kind to her, but the thirteen ring masters get along day and night, and their feelings are not more than family members!

Where should she go!


Jason successfully challenged seven elders in the wheel battle, and finally lost to Elder Yanxia.

Jason was kicked off the plum blossom pile by Yanxia elder, the old lady was still very happy, because in this game, the elders did not release water, and it was not easy for Jason to win the seven elders at his age.

The old man took off the lieutenant general token from his waist and solemnly handed it to Jason’s hand, and said happily: “Jas, you are now our lieutenant general in the last days.”

Jason smiled barely. If it weren’t for borrowing soldiers from the end times for a proper name, he would not be willing to have anything to do with the evil end times.

He just wanted to return to the imperial capital and live an ordinary life without any disputes with his father, mother and younger siblings.


The old lady looked at Jason’s old and solemn face, a little in a daze, as if he was not facing a fourteen-year-old boy at all. Jason seemed to be more mature and stable than Yu Chengqian’s unclear guy.

But the old lady will not forget the age of Jason. He taught Jason to his face, “I will give you the three thousand tiger and wolf divisions. Each of them has their own specialties, some are good at climbing, some are good at shooting, And some are good at cock-crowing and dog-thief. Jas, you have to arrange their tasks reasonably in order to give full play to the mighty power of the Tiger Wolf.”

Jason listened intently.

The old lady was talking, but she didn’t know what happened to him, and the voice suddenly disappeared.

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