Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1516

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Chapter 1516

Jacob stated his intention: “I want you to select dozens of delicate-looking men, pretending to be women from Yujiazhai, and mixing in the women’s army. Escort the thirteen sisters to leave through a passage that runs counter to the old and weak women and children.

Jacob’s eyes became darker, “You should know the importance of this task. The Thirteenth Sister is a member of the Military Intelligence Hall, and she has been in contact with the Military Intelligence Hall during this time. We have to make good use of this. Pieces…”

Yu Qian had an enlightenment and called out, “Ah, I understand, you just let us be cannon fodder?”

Yu Chengqian instantly understood the importance of this task.

Their whereabouts will be exposed if they have thirteen sisters. When the time comes, the people from the Military Intelligence Hall will chase and intercept them as soon as possible.

If they can hold the army of the Military Intelligence Hall, they will buy time for the elderly and weak women and children in the safe passage.

But Thirteen Sisters are the best agents in the Military Intelligence Hall, with fierce eyes and careful thoughts. It is not easy to successfully deceive the eyes of the thirteen sisters.

Therefore, this woman army disguised by men must not make any mistakes. This army can’t become a hostage of the Military Intelligence Palace, dragging the tiger and wolf divisions.

Makeup is especially important.

Jacob solemnly said: “Yu Chengqian, you should know that if you succeed, you can protect the old and weak women and children of Yujiazhai from leaving. If you fail, they will be chased by the Military Intelligence Palace. This mission succeeded and failed. The key lies in whether you can successfully fool the thirteen sisters.”

Yu Qian has a deep fear of wearing women’s clothing. Strongly protested: “Can you not wear women’s clothing?”

Yu Chengqian suddenly slapped Yu Qian on the back of the head and said angrily: “Let’s go.”

“Where to go?”


Yu Qian Petrochemical.

On the way, Yu Qian complained endlessly: “Master, can I not wear women’s clothing. I have been a pure and innocent person in my life, and I don’t want to leave a dark history that cannot be looked back?”

Yu Chengqian stopped abruptly and stared at Yu Qian with a solemn expression: “Yu Qian, there are not only the old and weak women and children in Yujiazhai, but also Irene, Faith, and his life and wealth in the safe passage. “

“He gave me such an important task that is his trust in us.”

Yu Chengqian’s expression is unprecedented solemn and serious, “So, we can only succeed but not fail. We can’t let him look down on us.”

Yu Qian nodded blindly.

Military Palace.

After Jason was imprisoned in the underground palace, the evildoers came to visit him.

The spotlight in the underground palace turned on, emitting a ru white light. Reflecting on the handsome face of the evildoer, it seems that the evildoer is especially cautious.

While Jason was curled up on the ground, the emotions in his eyes were beyond comprehension.

“Little fox, do you know why I want to lock you up?” The enchanting voice was as loving as ever.

“I don’t know.” Jason’s tone could not hide his loss, like a puppy abandoned by his owner, with a trace of frustration.

A sly light shot from the enchanting eagle pupil: “Little fox, your brother brought thousands of people to encircle and suppress our Military Intelligence Hall. The foster father has no way to distinguish you, so he has to lock you up so that he won’t accidentally hurt you.”

If it was Derek, perhaps he had believed in evil spirits.

But at this moment the evildoer is facing a deep, suspicious and sensitive battle in the city.

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