Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1572

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Chapter 1572

However, the enchanting anger was quickly frozen by Jacob’s icy air.

“What are you here for?” The enchanting evildoer who is a prisoner, although embarrassed, but that body proudly does not lose to Jacob.

Jacob sat on the chair in front of him, with Erlang’s legs tilted up, his handsome and unparalleled face quietly examined the enchanting face.

His eyebrows are slender, his peach blossom eyes are long and wide, and he has unruly stubbornness when his eyelids are raised. He is as bright as a teenager and has extraordinary charm.

However, when his eyelids are slightly closed, he is extremely proud and proud, coupled with his natural coldness, giving people the imposing power of the emperor.

He just stared at the evildoer coldly, without speaking. Snow flies in those eyes.

In terms of psychological quality, the evildoer is probably not as good as Jacob.

Time ticked ticked by…

After a long time, the evildoer was stared uncomfortably by his penetrating gaze. The psychology collapsed and roared at him.

“What are you looking for me for?”

There was a sneer in Jacob’s ice soul.

“Such a man who can’t hold his breath, why should he be the master of the military palace?”

The pride of the evildoer was completely crushed by Jacob’s contempt.

Before, he always felt that he and Jacob were equal opponents.

But he never thought that in the eyes of Jacob, he would be so vulnerable. Jacob probably never regarded him as a respectable opponent.

“Actually, I have been waiting for you. Unexpectedly, you came to see me today.” The enchanting tone was full of frustration.

Jacob’s ignorance of him made him feel that his previous plans were so ridiculous.

He thought his existence was a malignant tumor that Jacob had feared for many years. Unexpectedly, in Jacob’s life, he was so insignificant.

Jacob answered him lightly, “Sorry, I’m very busy.”

The evildoer was bruised all over by his ignorant tone. “Why did I lose? I really want to know if you lose. Can you still keep such a good manner to make fun of me?”

Jacob said firmly: “You are so stupid, how could I lose.”

“Am I stupid?” The evildoer seemed to hear the biggest joke in the world.

“I’m stupid, you won’t come to see me. Jacob, stop pretending, do you think I don’t know the purpose of your coming today?” The evildoer laughed wildly.

“Your beloved woman, is she ill? Intermittent fever? Right?”

Jacob was worrying about how to interrogate him, but he didn’t expect the evildoer to speak out by himself.

He was so familiar with Irene’s symptoms, which made Jacob almost collapsed. He almost believed it, Irene must have been poisoned by the Military Intelligence Palace.

His ice pupil instantly dyed red, and his hand was about to move. Just when his claws were about to reach the evildoer and strangle his throat, the evildoer was the first to lose his breath. He suddenly laughed wildly, “I knew you would come and ask me for medicine. How can you bear with your wife who loves you so much?”

The anger in Jacob’s heart ebbs a little, and his pupils are filled with consternation, “How do you know that our family has intermittent fever?”

The evil spirit said: “After Irene, who suffers from genetic anxiety, was with you, after several lives and deaths, if she hadn’t been mentally strong, her body would have been unable to resist. And your mother is the last to crush the camel. A straw.”

“The onset of anxiety disorder is that after the whole body is intermittently sore and tired, it will go to intermittent fever, panic attack, depression and suicide, or whole body paralysis.”

The evildoer looked at Jacob and smiled triumphantly, “You can’t accept any ending, so you come to me for medicine. Because I’m a descendant of Boye. I have a prescription to treat him.”

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