Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1590

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Chapter 1590

Everyone was stunned.

Jacob was even more stupid, staring at Irene in disbelief.

Irene actually beat him?

Irene was so angry that she couldn’t breathe well, and after Cassandra entered Qingmei Town, she had never been sober for a moment. The whole person is dominated by angry emotions, and there is only one thought in his mind: to completely expel Cassandra from her world.

Cassandra saw that Jacob was beaten, and the Demon Zhan Han was stunned, and there was no way to punish Irene. Cassandra wanted to stand up for her son, and she suddenly stood up and rushed to Irene. Irene slapped Irene when he raised his hand.

Irene was like a mad lion, holding her hand with her right hand, while the other hand slapped Cassandra unceremoniously.

“Irene, enough.” Jacob suddenly rebuked.

He stretched out his hand to separate Irene and Cassandra, and then scolded Irene angrily: “You did a little too much today.”

Irene’s pupils burned with flames, gritted her teeth and said: “Je Zhan Han, you are not qualified to control me.”

Since childhood, she has never called him so strangely. Jacob was hit hard by her name that deliberately draws a line.

“What do you call me?”

Irene held back the tears in her eyes, and said stubbornly and tenaciously: “Jacob, I have written the divorce agreement. From then on, you and I are strangers. Also, you’d better take care of your mother. If she dares to provoke me again, I won’t be so polite to her as I am today.”

Divorse agreement?

Jacob was stimulated by such words and made his brain hypoxia. Cassandra took out the divorce agreement from her arms and handed it to Jacob, “Jacob, she finally agreed to divorce you. You can get rid of her completely as long as you sign and draw on it. Don’t worry, mother will give it to you. You find a better woman.”

Jacob snatched the divorce agreement and saw the ten lines, the unrelenting words used by Irene, like a knife, pierced her heart.

“Irene, you are now in anger, so you made such a decision impulsively. You and I return to the imperial capital, and we will discuss it carefully when you calm down.” Jacob almost pleased.

Cassandra said angrily: “Jacob, why do you ask for such a woman…”

Jacob handed Cassandra a death gaze, and the eyes full of grief and indignation caused Cassandra to shut his mouth grimly.

Jacob stretched out his hand to pull Irene again, but Irene avoided it for fear, stepping back, avoiding his hand.

Jacob looked at her wounded. But he heard Irene’s voice almost begging him, “Jacob, I have been very hard with you. I’m tired, and the rest of my life is not long. Let me go!”

Jacob’s hands were frozen in the air.

His heart instantly fell into the infinite hell, and suddenly felt that his life had become extremely gloomy.

“Take care of the children.” After Irene said this, she lifted the suitcase and turned to leave.

Irene had quietly stood behind the crowd without knowing when. She was carrying a suitcase in her hand, her bulging belly was very obvious, and the child was about to give birth.

Irene walked over, took the box in her elder sister’s hand, and said, “Elder sister, let’s go.”

Cassandra roared: “Irene, you want to go. Irene is pregnant with our Yu family’s child, she can’t go.”

Irene turned around and said angrily: “Cassandra, the Yu family did not marry my eldest sister for a day. My eldest sister is free. You only want the flesh and blood of the Yu family, but don’t want to give my eldest sister an explanation. This bandit style can deal with other fools. , Used on our Yan family, I think you are idiotic dreaming.”

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