Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1603

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Chapter 1603

Not long after, the nurse walked out holding the child.

“It’s a boy.” The nurse smiled.

Madam Yu took the child excitedly and wept with joy, “Whether it is a boy or a girl, they are all my good grandsons.”

Zheng Ling did not see the eldest sister coming out, and excitedly grabbed the nurse’s hand, “What about my sister? How about my sister. Yes?” The nurse smiled, “Don’t worry, the parturient is fine, just stay inside and observe.”

Zheng Ling breathed a sigh of relief. At this time, turn your attention to the child. Inside the thin swaddle, a small head was exposed. The hair is thick and black and shiny, his face is slightly longer, and his eyes are long and narrow Danfeng eyes.

Zheng Ling pursed her mouth and said frustratedly: “Aunt Qing, this child is like Yu Chengqian. It’s not like my elder sister at all.”

Madam Yu smiled and said: “Zhengling, the child looks like Chengqian, and he will become more and more beautiful in the future. You too. Don’t worry, if my family Chengqian doesn’t give Zhengyu a good explanation, I will never allow him to be a cheap daddy.”

Zheng Ling smiled and put one hand around Madam Yu’s neck, “I know Aunt Qing A reasonable person.”

Half an hour later.

The nurse pushed Zhengyu out.

Now, there was more work in an instant.

The baby needs to take a bath, breastfeed, change diapers…

Zhengyu’s body is already weak, but she becomes weaker after giving birth. He doesn’t even have the strength to hold the baby to breastfeed.

Zheng Ling dragged her aching body and ran up and down. Madam Yu looked at the tireless Zheng Ling and smiled and said to her elder sister: “I finally understand why the people around Zheng Ling treat her with all their heart. Because she is right. People around me are better.” The eldest sister nodded with tearful eyes, and said with heartache: “But my younger sister’s life was a bit short, so I just met the vicious mother-in-law.”

Madam Yu said to the elder sister in a discussing tone: “Zheng Ling is not in good health, Zheng Yu, we need to hire a nanny. Don’t tire Zheng Ling. But we don’t have any money, so I can only ask Cheng Qian for help. No. Know if you mind?”

Zheng Yu’s face was pale, but she smiled very peacefully. “Aunt Qing, you don’t have to ask my opinion. I have never had the idea of preventing Cheng Qian from meeting the child. After all, I hope the child will be loved by both parents.”

Madam Yu breathed a sigh of relief.

She picked up Zhengyu’s cell phone and entered Yu Chengqian’s phone number.

After a few beeps, Yu Chengqian’s somewhat excited voice came from the phone, “Zhengyu, where are you now? Yu Qian said that after sending you to Yubei Airport, you sneaked away while he was not paying attention. You guys. How can you be so self-willed?”

“Cheng Qian, I am my mother.” Madam Yu said indifferently, “forgive my mother for choosing to leave without saying goodbye this time. You know, if I don’t leave this time, I may never have the courage again. Leaving the place that made me frustrated.”

Yu Chengqian was slightly stunned, “Mom, I didn’t blame you. Then where are you now?”

Madam Yu said: “The three of us are hurt by love, so we just want to Say goodbye to the original world completely. I won’t tell you where we are?”

Yu Chengqian couldn’t laugh or cry, “Mom, Mom, I am your son. Just tell me? Don’t worry, I will never tell Dad.”

Mrs. Yu Refusal was categorical. “I won’t tell you.”

“Then why are you calling me?” Yu Chengqian was a little curious.

“Mom needs money.”

Yu Chengqian said angrily: “No. Don’t you want to be completely isolated from us? Why do you even ask us for money?”

“Do you think I want to call you? I want to ask you for money? You? The son is born, do you want to drink milk powder? Do you want to buy toys? Do you want to wear clothes? Forget it, since you daddy is so irresponsible, I think we can give it away.”

Yu Chengqian was completely stupid, “Zhengyu was born? Isn’t it the expected date of delivery?”

Madam Yu said, “Zhengyu had an accident, and Zhengyu was frightened. Wouldn’t it be born early?”

Yu Chengqian was frightened. “What’s wrong with Zheng Ling?”

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