Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1625

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Chapter 1625

Zheng Ling quickly out of danger.

When the doctor came out of the rescue room, Jacob almost staggered and rushed over. “How is my wife?” The doctor was exhausted, “President, we did a full-body examination for your wife, except for the blood test results, which did not come out. Judging from other examination results, it seems that there is no major problem at present. This time her condition, it should be a panic attack. But…” The doctor stopped talking, and Lord Zhan Han’s heart tightened.


“The madam does not have major health problems, but she has many safety hazards. She is seriously underweight and sometimes confused. I think Madam’s anxiety and depression may have reached the most serious level, and she may be next there are some fantasy auditory hallucinations, and her sub-health state is really worrying.”

“Hearing hallucinations? So what?” Jacob asked fearfully.

It is about Zhengling’s health, and he needs to understand everything.

The doctor said: “Many patients with depression will almost commit suicide when they come to the stage of hearing hallucinations. And it is difficult to recover.”

Jacob’s body trembled, “What should I do?” The doctor looked at Jacob. He hesitated for a moment, but in the spirit of professional ethics, he told the truth to Jacob.

“President, Madam, this panic attack happened because I saw you, right?”

Jacob didn’t want to admit that Zheng Ling suffered a panic attack because he saw him, but in front of the doctor who saved the wound. , But he dared not hide it.

He nodded.

The doctor said: “President, you, have become a risk factor for your wife’s illness. So next, I hope that the president can restrain herself and try not to appear in front of his wife. She really can’t stand any stimulation anymore.”

Jacob felt as if his body was wrapped in ice and snow, and it was so cold that he almost lost consciousness.

He is unwilling to accept this cruel fact. He loves Zheng Ling so much. How can he become a risk factor for Zheng Ling?

“I don’t believe it.” He whispered.

The doctor looked at the president worriedly, “President, calm down. As long as you don’t irritate your wife, your wife’s illness will gradually get better.”

Zhanhan Jue walked to the rescue room unscrupulously, but standing at the door, he was lost. The courage to push in.

Those handsome and charming pupils are like scarlet snow lotus, blooming with a coquettish cold light.

Suddenly, he hit the wall with a fist, and the back of his hand was pierced instantly. The scarlet flesh was shocking.

Madam Yu’s breathing became tight, and she had a hunch that Zheng Ling was not crazy, but first drove Jacob crazy.

She hurriedly called Yu Chengqian, “Your cousin is in the hospital, come and take him back.”

Yu Chengqian was a shit-chucking stick for fear that the world would not be chaotic. After hearing such information, he quickly added oil and vinegar to announce it everywhere.

“Grandpa, your baby grandson is in the hospital. My mother asked you to bring him back.”

“Auntie, your baby son is in the hospital. Go to the hospital and see what happened to him.”

“Grandfather Zhan, Mom wants you to go to Huanya Hospital to take your cousin home.” After the phone call, Yu Chengqian gloated and said, “You did it yourself, and this is the price you paid for hurting Irene.” “

When the two elders of Zhan Yu came to Huanya Hospital, Madam Yu saw the mighty team and stared at Yu Chengqian with anger.

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