Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1697

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Chapter 1697

Yan Zheng asked in surprise: “Don’t tell me you haven’t quarreled?”

Zheng Ling thought for a while and nodded.

MG Cold War has categorically said:. “No”

Zheng Yan Zheng and Ling were surprised at him, cold war Jue said:. “I just had a fight and Luo Han poetry, Zheng Ling did not quarrel,”

Zheng Ling nod.

Yan Zheng suddenly felt ashamed…

Jacob and Zheng Ling are fairy love.

Yan Zheng felt unbelievable and humbly learned from Jacob, “Big Brother, don’t you think women are pretty tricky sometimes?”

Jacob nodded, “Yeah.”

Yan Zheng talked about women’s shortcomings as if they had let the brakes go. The flood began to talk endlessly, “Also, they are also particularly stingy, suspicious, sensitive, unreasonable…”

Jacob nodded. “Yeah.”

Fengxian and Zhengling stared at Yan Zheng angrily.

Yan Zheng ignored their silent protest, and continued: “Then how can you tolerate it? Wouldn’t you have practiced some of the magical skills of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?” After the meal, Lord Zhan Gui elegantly took out a tissue and wiped his hands. . Then I looked at Yan Zheng with a lot of time and said: “I just need to think that after I forced Zhengling to get divorced, Zhengling repaid my grievances with virtue, and gave birth to three lovely children for me with all my hardships, and never gave up our love. I I feel that it is also my happiness that she can work by my side.”

Yan Zheng was dumbfounded.

Fengxian suddenly held Yan Zheng’s ear and Hedong Lion roared, “Listen, listen to what your eldest brother did to Sister Zhengling, you can learn something from me.”

Yan Zheng wailed, “Wife, wife, show mercy.”

Fengxian let go, Yan Zheng covered his blushing ears, looked at Jacob anger, and muttered: “How can I not think about it, so I can learn from you. Brother, I will give you the annual award-” -Wife slave award…”

Jacob said with a look of honor, “Thank you, I deserve it.”

Yan Zheng was so angry that he vomited blood, rolled his eyes a few times, “I am hopeless.”

Zhan Han Jue tapped the leftovers on the table with his chin, and said arrogantly: “Wash the dishes.”

Yan Zheng originally wanted to protest… but he stood up obediently when he received Fengxian’s fire-breathing eyes. , Go to the kitchen with a bowl.

While chattering and complaining: “Why don’t you ask a babysitter, don’t you have money? You don’t have money? You won’t be able to bring it into the coffin if you die.”

Zheng Ling took off her shoes, ran to the kitchen aggressively, and threw the slippers on. Yan Zheng, with his hands on his hips, looked like a shrew cursing on the street, “You tell me another death word?”

Her battle frightened Yan Zheng into a stunned cock. Even Jacob and Fengxian in the living room were shocked.

Zheng Ling can tolerate others saying that she is dead, but she can’t tolerate others saying that Jacob is dead. She took off another slippers and held it in her hand, looking like she was going to commit a murder!

Yan Zheng said in a daze: “You put your slippers down.”

Zheng Ling said: “You try another dead word?”

Yan Zheng was a little bit embarrassed, he rarely saw when Zheng Ling was so excited. Besides, Zheng Ling is ill now, he doesn’t know how serious Zheng Ling’s condition is, he only knows that he can’t irritate her…

“Brother, what nerves your daughter-in-law has, hurry up and take her away, I’m afraid.” Yan Zheng asked for help.

Jacob came over and hugged Zheng Ling. Softly soothed: “Zhengling, don’t be angry. Let’s go back to the room and rest.” When

Jacob carried Zhengling back to the bedroom, Zhengling’s body was still trembling slightly.

It has been many days, and Zheng Ling’s illness is relatively stable. Suddenly this recurred, and Jue Zhan Han’s heart became worried again.

The key is that he felt that Yan Zheng’s words were gentle, because he didn’t know where Yan Zheng was irritating Zheng Ling, and Jacob felt even more anxious.

Zheng Ling suddenly hugged him and started to cry. “You can’t die. Otherwise, what should I do?”

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