Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1708

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Chapter 1708

Grandpa Yu looked at Jue Jacob for help, “Jue…”

Jacob was embarrassed. He remembered the countless nights, the face of Zheng Ling who committed suicide and self-mutilated and shed tears in despair. Jacob said with lingering fear: “Zhengling’s body can no longer withstand any damage. Grandpa, I’m sorry, I don’t agree with Zhengling returning to Yu’s house. Especially when her mother is still so hostile to her.”

Old lady Yu was angry pound the table. “Oh mom you really have committed a big mistake, come to the point where deserted do not know repentance..”

War cold Jazz: “the mother’s hostility heavier than before.”

I Venerable Master Kao the complexion becomes very difficult to look.

Grandpa Zhan was also very angry, “Your mother must be strong and refuse to admit defeat. After Zheng Ling’s accident, she did not have the slightest repentance, and she was angry because we criticized her.”

“Jacob remained silent.

I have made up my mind: We must never let Zheng Ling return to the imperial capital.”

That night, perhaps because of the wind and cold, Jacob started coughing when he got up the next day.

Jacob’s physical fitness has always been very good. This time the cold was so fierce that he could hardly stop coughing.

After the old lady Zhan learned that Jacob was ill, he felt very sorry for his grandson. He sternly said to Old Lady Yu: “This is all made by your good daughter. Jue’s has to take care of the sick Zhengling during this period, how could he have a good rest? Zhengling is so sick that he is probably not only It’s because of poor rest and anxiety all day long, which will bring down his body. In my memory, Hanjue has not caught a cold for decades.”

Old Mrs. Yu could only sigh.

Grandpa Zhan anxiously instructed his servants, “Go to Huanya and ask for a doctor.”

The elders and younger generations of the Zhan family came to see him when Jacob became ill. Jacob lay on the bed, depressed and said: “Go out. I want to be alone.”

He looked at the mobile phone on the bedside table, feeling anxious. If Zheng Ling called, she would not be able to hide the fact that she had a bad cold.

That girl will worry about him.

At this moment, he hopes Zheng Ling will not call. Can’t bear to be lonely and want to talk to her.

After the doctor examined him, he concluded: acute bronchial pneumonia. Need to hang water infusion, the course of treatment is one week.

The doctor recommended hospitalization.

Jacob strongly refused, “No, I have to go back to Yuncheng tomorrow. You can prescribe me medicine. I can take the medicine.” The old lady Zhan knew that Jacob was not at ease. Also undecided whether or not to let Jacob leave.

After all, Zheng Ling is a depression and anxiety disorder. If you can’t see Jacob, will you do stupid things?

The old lady Zhan had no idea.

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