Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1726

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Chapter 1726

Jacob remembered that she had a pregnancy later, and her pregnancy reaction was so severe that she vomited and vomited. Thinking about it should be the same as her first reaction.

He suddenly saw a line of text under the photo, which was the size of the fetus in four months of pregnancy. It says that the development of the fetus lags by one week.

Zheng Ling said with some embarrassment: “Brother Jie, I was too headstrong at the time. Eat if you want, and don’t eat if you don’t want to eat. I didn’t take into account that the children in the stomach need nourishment. So their development is lagging behind.”

Jacob’s voice slightly hoarse, “It would be fine if I was by your side.”

Looking down again, Zheng Ling’s body quickly surged like a steamed bun.

Zheng Ling looked at Jacob and smiled shyly, “Isn’t it ugly?”

Jacob obstructed: “It’s not ugly.”

His fingers gently stroked Grace’s belly, feeling extremely sad. Zheng Ling at this time should have been inconvenient to move, but she came to the hospital alone for a birth check.

He couldn’t imagine how Zheng Ling passed through such difficult years.

“Cheng Ling, is it difficult?” He asked bitterly.

Zheng Ling was slightly stunned. After she understood what he was trying to express, she smiled brightly, “Husband, I looked cumbersome at the time, but my actions were still light.”

It was June in the second trimester of pregnancy.

By the third trimester, most of her photos were taken while sitting.

Jacob looked sideways at Zheng Ling, “Is it impossible to walk?” Zheng Ling shook his head, “No. I am too big and I am afraid that I will take up too much public space when I go out. So I squatted in the rental room to work for the Imperial Capital. Citizens make contributions.”

Jacob couldn’t laugh or cry, it was clearly because Zheng Ling was afraid that he would be sad, so she said so on purpose.

Jacob embraced Zheng Ling into his arms. There were mixed feelings at that moment.

A photo album makes him seem to accompany Zheng Ling through every journey of pregnancy. He could clearly feel the difficulty of Zheng Ling.

“I’m sorry. Zheng Ling.”

Zheng Ling smiled and said: “I don’t blame you.”

Zheng Ling didn’t understand at that time, why Jacob couldn’t give Grace a cup of meager love. Now she knows.

Because Brother Jue’s love is complete, it was all given to Irene.

Can’t give Grace.

What reason does she have to blame for such a dedicated man?

“To blame, I can only blame her, worry about gains and losses, and fail to confess her identity to him.”

The door panel of the study was suddenly photographed earth-shattering. Irene was shocked to get out of Jacob’s arms.

Jazz looked angry cold war making noise culprit Yan Zheng, he snapped: “Get out.”

Yan Zheng said: “? Are old couple, quick to embrace knowledge shameless”

war Jazz reach for cold On the inkstone on the desk, Yan Zheng was so scared that he hurriedly covered his face and shouted, “Don’t, brother, I’m here to ask you to eat.” After speaking, Yan Zheng ran away.

Jacob put down the inkstone and locked the album in his drawer. Only then took Zheng Ling’s hand and walked downstairs.

Zheng Ling asks him, “Jazz album is my brother why do not you give it to me..?”

Battle cold Jue said: “also from each other between us?”

Zheng Ling does not want to see the album every day, to provoke she is sad. Then she argued with reason: “Then let me keep it.”

“I keep it.” Jacob is extremely domineering.

Zheng Ling couldn’t laugh or cry, “Will you see him every day?”

Jacob said: “Watch when you want to.”

Later, flipping through this album almost became Jacob’s daily routine.


The children are ready for lunch.

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