Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1745

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Chapter 1745

Has been tossing for most of the night, and it didn’t take long for Zheng Ling and Jacob to fall asleep before the day broke.

Jacob was worried about his mother’s condition and hurried to the hospital after eating breakfast.

This time, Zheng Ling didn’t bother to go to the hospital with him. Jacob looked at Zhengling very unexpectedly. “You… won’t you go with me?”

Zheng Ling waved at him and laughed at herself: “I won’t go. Your mother sees me, it is not conducive to her recovery.”

Jacob scratched. He scratched her nose and said spoiledly: “If my mother also knows how to avoid each other and be in peace. How good would it be?”

Zheng Ling saw the loneliness in Jacob’s eyes, and gently stroked his Jun. Face, do your best to soothe his mood. “Don’t worry. Next time I see her, I’ll take a detour. I won’t be angry with her anymore. I won’t make her angry and you will be affected by it.”

Jacob’s warm hand covered Zheng Ling’s hand, delicate the charming eyebrows smiled brightly. “I knew you were the best to me.”

Only Zheng Ling would beg the best for him.

“Brother Jie. You are someone who wants to live with me for the rest of my life. Of course I want to treat you better. I want you to be in good health, in a good mood, and live a long life, so that you can protect me forever.” Zheng Ling lightly on her forehead Kissed.

If two people are tired and crooked together, there will be endless love stories. Jacob especially likes this kind of quiet appearance. At that moment, he just wanted to stay by Zheng Ling’s side and not go anywhere.

Zheng Ling said softly: “Brother Jue, it’s not early. Go and get back soon.”

Jacob looked at her tenderly. He doesn’t know when, Zheng Ling’s instructions have become gentle and petting, no longer resembling children. Being so coquettish at times means a lot.

She is truly a mature and attractive wife now.

“Yeah.” Lord Zhan Han said reluctantly.

Media Asia Hospital.

Cassandra is out of danger.

The doctor diagnosed heart disease with high blood pressure.

When Jacob came to the ward, Cassandra was very indifferent to him. Obviously angry with him.

Zhan Tingcheng and Grandpa Yu looked at Jacob a little helplessly. Zhan Tingcheng said: “Juer, your mother is angry. Later, if she says anything bad, you can tolerate her because of her illness.”

Jacob nodded, “I know.”

Old lady Yu again told exuberant: “the exuberant, you do not embarrass cold Jazz have something to tell him to say well, cold or Jazz filial to you, you sick, children are also very worried about you..”

Stuck exuberant said: “he is the daughter-in-law doesn’t recognize her mother.”

Jacob didn’t care how Cassandra complained, but was silent. But be diligent and serve her tea and water!

“Why didn’t your wife come?” Cassandra was fine looking for trouble.

“I’m afraid that her coming will not be conducive to her mother’s recovery, so I dare not let her come.” Jacob said cautiously.

“Huh, do you still know that she is my calamity?”

Jacob was slightly stunned, a touch of sorrow filled his eyes.

But thinking that Cassandra was still seriously ill, he suppressed his unhappiness again.

Grandpa Yu and Zhan Tingcheng looked at them, and they both shook their heads and sighed at the same time.

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