Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1755

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Chapter 1755

“Lin Fan bought the luxury house, and that car really belongs to Lin Fan. It has nothing to do with me.”

If it weren’t for Lin Fan’s secretly helping her, her new Bai clan has already closed down a long time ago. He doesn’t know how many times.

Where is the money?

Now she has only 10 million working capital available.

Other money has been invested Went among the Xinbai clan.

Lin Fan?

Wang Youcai and Wang Zhijun were taken aback, then looked at Lin Fan disdainfully:

“Just this dead and poor ghost, can he afford a mansion worth several hundred million? If he could if you can afford it, then you don’t have to eat soft rice!”

“Okay, Bai Yi, since your family is ungrateful, don’t blame our subordinates for being ruthless. After we go back, we will definitely let those relatives Know your true colors, a group of wolves!”

But Wang Zhijun is still unwilling to give up, angrily said:

“Bai Yi, cousin, I borrowed this money from you. It’s not that I don’t return it to you. I recently found a good project that can make a profit of 100 million yuan in two years. Then I will return it to you with all the profits. What do you think?”

Before Bai Yi could speak, Shen Yumei sneered:

“You said that you want to start a project, and the money you get from our family is at least five million, right? The result? The meat buns beat the dogs. No reply!”

“Do you dare to say that my son is a dog? Are you scolding me?”

Wang Youcai went on fire directly, pointing at Shen Yumei and cursing.

But how could Shen Yumei be a fuel-efficient lamp?

She also stood up quickly, and said angrily:

“You have to rely on the old to sell the old, just your broken buns. The money our family has given you over the years will help you. You’re busy, it’s already been paid off.”

“Speaking of our ungratefulness, I think you have to make an inch!”

“You, you, you!”

Wang Youcai trembled with anger, then glared at Baishan:

“Bai Shan, this is how you taught your daughter-in-law? If it is my daughter-in-law, it would be strange if I didn’t beat her to the floor!”

However, Bai Shan sighed and was not human inside and out.

And Wang Zhijun also sneered:

“It is impossible to say that. Our family saves your lives, and what you give is only money.”
“In this case, I think even if you give more money, it shouldn’t be too much, right?”

“Well, let me borrow 50 million. We have thoroughly cleaned up, and we will no longer use those steamed buns from the past.”

Lin Fan was stunned by Wang Zhijun’s shamelessness. He actually planned to use a few of the buns from the past. The smelly steamed buns, for fifty million?

Still looks straightforward!

This is more than shameless, it is shameless!

He was simply convinced, how could there be such a shameless person!

And Shen Yumei also slapped the table suddenly, and roared:

“No money!”

She is fed up with this one too, and has been like a They drained their home like a vampire.

Forget it, the key point is that their family has helped Wang Youcai and the others so much, and they are not at all grateful, just as they should.

Everyone said that they saved their family’s life in the past, and that they should be taken from their family.

Now even dare to make an inch, want them to give 50 million?

Is this crazy?

Wang Youcai’s anger was violent, and he stared at Baishan fiercely:
“Baishan, speak! How did you ask me to help you in the first place, is your family’s attitude like this now?”

Baishan remained silent, and he also felt that Wang Youcai was too much.

For all these years he has been bullying him, but now he still counts his daughter. How can he bear it?

“Well, a pack of wolf-hearted white-eyed wolves, you will surely get retribution!”

Wang Youcai yelled extremely furiously, and then took Wang Zhijun’s hand and prepared to leave.

At this time, a contemptuous laughter sounded:

“50 million is it? I give it!”

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