Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1749

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Chapter 1749

On the way back to Tourmaline Manor, Cassandra repeatedly told Jacob: “Juer, I also figured it out, as long as you and Zhengling have a good time. I don’t care and I reflected on my character incompatibility with her, do not meet just fine, we live in peace you help me to tell her, do not have to say Guzhe-law status, we cannot see it gone. “

she cannot bear to see Zheng Ling She will discover her conspiracy.

Jacob also felt that the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was very fierce at the moment, and it was fortunate to be able to achieve peace and harmony. He agreed to Cassandra’s request.

After returning to Tourmaline Manor, Jacob sent Cassandra to Xiangdingyuan.

Cassandra kept him for dinner. Jacob was anxious to fly back to Zhengling, so he declined: “Mom, I haven’t shared dinner with Zhengling for many days. I won’t eat here tonight.”

Zhuma Walking to the front of Jacob, she smiled and said: “Brother Jue, just stay.” The more Jacob misses, the more serious the conjecture.

In addition to Juma’s recent clothes, voice, and address, he deliberately moved closer to Zheng Ling, and she was a little dazed.

He suddenly smiled and took Juma’s hand and nodded gently. “Okay.”

Zheng Ling hadn’t seen Lord Jacob for six days. After hearing that Cassandra was discharged from the hospital, she knew that Lord Zhan Han would return to Tourmaline Manor tonight. She cooked by herself and made Jacob’s favorite dinner. Then waited for him to return with excitement.

“But I waited for a long time, one hour, two hours… The food was cold again and again, and again hot again… Finally, I saw the alarm clock on the wall pointing to midnight.”

Zheng Ling dumped the vegetables into the trash can, and lost her appetite, and crawled onto the bed listlessly.

One o’clock.

When Jacob woke up, he was actually asleep in Xiangdingyuan. He got up suddenly from the bed, without time to put on his coat, he opened the door and walked outside.

Juma stood at his door, wearing white transparent pajamas, looking at him affectionately. “Brother Jie, it’s so late, where are you going if you don’t sleep?”

Jacob pushed her away and said: “I’m back to Love Moon Castle.”

Zhu Ma said softly: “Brother Jie, I am here and you still go to Love Moon Castle What are you doing?”

Jacob turned around and looked at Zhuma.

Consciousness gradually blurred, and Juma’s face gradually became his Zhengling’s face. She ran back excitedly, and Juma took the opportunity to hug him.

She was extremely excited. She couldn’t help tempting him many times before in the hospital. However, it was a hospital, and her temptation did not dare to be as blatant as she is today. So Jacob was indifferent to her.

Tonight, she must do her best to let him take her.

“Brother Jie, let’s go to sleep.”

Jacob looked at Juma with hot eyes, “Zhengling, I miss you so much.” He told his parting heart.

Zhuma was slightly startled. “I know. But it’s cold outside, let’s go to sleep.”

Jacob held her face, but wanted to possess her and kiss her.

Juma had a fever in her ears. She was very happy again.

Just as she was full of expectations that Jacob would tie her in, Jacob suddenly pushed her away.

“You are not my lingering. Get out.”

Zhuma was shocked.

What is going wrong?

But she also reacted wittily, and immediately grieved and said: “Brother Zhan, I am Juma, you have admitted the wrong person.”

Jacob’s violence instantly became ashamed, “I’m sorry, I miss my family too much.”

He shook. Walked out staggeringly.

Juma’s eyes shone with tears, and her heart was desperate.

Jacob was reluctant to ask her when he was unconscious, was she paying for this obsession after all?

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