Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1755

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Chapter 1755

Zhan Tingcheng kept serving Jacob with dishes, Jacob gracefully picked up his chopsticks, and ate his meal silently.

Zhuma wanted to say a few words to please Jacob, but when she saw Jacob’s cold look that could not eat the fireworks, she was discouraged.

In fact, Jacob is accustomed to cherishing words like gold outside, and if he dines with Zhengling at home, he is just talking.

After taking a few bites, Grandpa Yu suddenly put down his chopsticks dumbly. To Yu Sheng: “You call Chengqian and let him die back to Laozi. I have something to tell him.”

Yu Sheng said with a distressed expression, “Abba, you don’t know the virtue of Yu Chengqian’s bastard. I am. Asking him to return to the tourmaline manor, he said that this tourmaline manor was built by Irene. Our Yu family has done so badly to Irene, and he has no face to come in.” After Yu Sheng finished speaking, Cassandra’s face became ugly.

“Your son was clearly fed the Ecstasy Soup by Irene.” She said angrily.

Yu Sheng said: “Sister, don’t be as knowledgeable as Cheng Qian.”

Zhan Han Jue’s handsome face was instantly covered with frost. Bing Han’s eyes cast a bit of alertness towards Cassandra.

Cassandra was shocked by her son’s aggressive eyes.

Although they got along very well this week, she still didn’t dare to say anything serious about it in front of Lord Zhan Han.

Zhan Tingcheng noticed that Lord Zhan Han was in a bad mood, and stared at Cassandra viciously.

“Qianqian, you don’t want to open and lift which pot.”

Cassandra said with a gloomy face.

Jacob put down his bowl and chopsticks, stood up, his voice was not gentle. “I’m full. I’ll go home first.”

Cassandra immediately made Zhuma’s face.

Zhuma quickly stood up and said gently and considerately: “Brother Zhan, I will see you off.”

Zhan Hanjue said coldly: “I know the way.” Zhuma was choked.

Jacob quickly left with his long legs.

Zhuma plucked up the courage to chase it out.

After Jacob left, Grandpa Yu looked at Cassandra displeased. Hate iron is not a steel road: “You, you, you don’t know that Zhengling is the taboo of Hanjue, what you are doing well?”

Cassandra lowered her head and dared not reply.

“Brother Jie.” After Jacob walked for a while, he suddenly heard the voice of Jie. That emphasis, that tone, is like a withdrawal from Irene.

Jacob Binghan’s face turned anger into joy, and his gloomy mood became brighter. Turning to look at Juma who trot over.

Zhengling.” Zhuma was startled slightly, and then called him sweetly: “Brother Jie.” Jacob nodded, “Yes.”

At this moment, the consciousness became confused, and the people around him, whether they were Zhengling or Zhuma, He can’t tell the difference anymore.

Zhuma sent him to the Philharmonic Castle, and from a distance, she saw the two of them approaching talking and laughing. When he walked to Aiyue Castle, Jacob rubbed Juma’s head gently.

Zheng Ling was silly in place.

Zhuma glanced at Cheng Ling, who was slowly moving over, and drove off quickly. “Brother Jie, then I’ll go first.”

Jacob suddenly took her hand, “Where are you going?”

He has completely regarded Zhu Ma as a jingling.

When Zheng Ling saw him holding Juma’s hand so actively and affectionately, his blood surged.

“Master Zhan, what are you doing?” Because of her anger, Zheng Ling changed her name to Jacob.

When she acted like a baby to him, she liked to call him Brother Jie. She usually calls him husband occasionally. But when she was angry, she definitely called him the war master.

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