Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1782

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Chapter 1782

Irene’s position in the Zhan Family is much higher than she thought.

Compared with the fairness of Mrs. Zhan, Mrs. Yu appears to be particularly protective of his shortcomings. “Zhan Tinghai, I don’t care what Hanjue did wrong, my grandfather is such a precious grandson, and I will never allow him to have an accident. If you drive Zhuma away and Hanjue will die, I will never end with you.”

Yan The old man was silent for a long time, and pulled the excited and angry old man Zhan and said: “Brother Tinghai, you calm down. I wondered how this matter is extremely strange. Han Jue has always been upright and kind, and this kind of derailment is not what he would do. Things. We should calm down, wait for him to wake up, and then ask him carefully.”

Old lady Zhan said: “Oh. Am I afraid you are in a hurry? If you can think of it this way, that’s the best.”

Old lady Yan said. “I sent someone to find Zhengling. I hope that Zhengling is safe.”

Seeing that the provocation failed, Xiuhe Zhuma felt a little distressed.

At this time, Zhan Ting City, who had not spoken all the time, suddenly questioned Cassandra sullenly, “Cassandra, I think you should tell me what the hell is going on?”

Cassandra was worried about Jacob at this moment. Suddenly heard the voice of Zhantingcheng, he said in a flustered heart: “I don’t know why this happened? I just gave Hanjue and Zhuma a chance to meet, but I really didn’t think why Hanjue would vomit blood suddenly?

“Oh, I understand. It must be Irene hitting the door panel outside, and Hanjue was frightened by her battle. So he vomited blood out of his anger?”

Zhantingcheng suddenly rushed to Cassandra after a lost heart lion. Next to her wheelchair, he snarled at Cassandra, “You…you… are incurable. Cassandra, I’m just such a precious son in Zhantingcheng. I have I have not done my duty as a father, and I will never allow anyone to hurt her. If I know that his illness cannot be separated from you, I will definitely not spare you lightly.”

Grandpa Yu stood up tremblingly, “Tingcheng, what do you mean? Qianqian loves Hanjue so much, how could he hurt Hanjue?”

Zhantingcheng furiously said, “Abba, you don’t know anything. Your daughter is very irritating to Irene. Her hatred has reached the point of being frantic. She did not forgive Zhengling at all, and she still resented that Zhengling had robbed her son. So I suspect that Hanjue’s accident has nothing to do with her.”

Mrs. Yu said. “I know that it is true that Qianqian hates Irene. But Qianqian will never do anything to harm Hanjue. You believe me, I understand my own daughter.” At this time, the door of the rescue room opened. The doctor walked out and walked straight to the old man Zhan, his face solemnly said: “Old man, the life of the president is temporarily okay.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

But the doctor’s next words sent everyone to hell, “But we extracted unknown drugs in the president’s body. The two drugs are lethal after a chemical reaction. I think the president is poisoned, and this kind of poison will make him. The organs are slowly failing. You still have to be mentally prepared!”

“What kind of medicine?”

“A kind of drug that can paralyze the nerves and produce hallucinations. There is also a kind of drug that makes people sexually excited.” The doctor’s words just fell. Zhantingcheng gave Cassandra a slap on the face with a slap.

He screamed out of frustration, “You give your son the love of love? You give him happiness pills. If you don’t send him away, will you not give up?”

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