Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1792

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Chapter 1792

Bai Yi hurried forward and grabbed Wang Yanli’s hand, and anxiously persuaded:

“Cousin, you should go home first. What’s the matter for your cousin to get sick? Okay?”

Xu Yourong is already emotional enough now. If Wang Yanli stimulates her so much, maybe she really can’t think about it.


Wang Yanli, who missed her son-in-law, where would she give up?

She shook off Bai Yi’s hand and said in a curse:

“Go home, what home? Your wild man broke my good deeds, now you let me go home? You just left it alone!”

“Don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking, you are just afraid that Xu Yourong’s marriage is better than you, because you found a rubbish!”

Bai Yi’s cold sweat has come down. When her cousin said this, did she think her daughter was not cold enough?

And Lin Fan also shook his head, this woman is really hopeless.

Bai Yi sighed and begged with a bitter expression:

“Cousin, go home first. I beg you! If it is Lin Fan’s fault in the future, we will definitely find a way to compensate you. Now the body of the cousin is important!”

Wang Yanli again throwing away her hand, pointed at Lin Fan and cursed.

“If you think I can go, let you, a soft rice-eater, kneel down and lick my leather shoes clean, so I might spare him if I’m happy!”

Lin Fan clenched his fists angrily, his eyes bursting with anger.

The other party’s repeated provocations have wiped out Lin Fan’s patience.

“Why are you still staring at my old lady, believe it or not, I will immediately make you unable to eat?!” Wang Yanli cursed loudly.

There was a crisp “pop”, and a slap in the face was severely slapped on her face.

Wang Yanli was stunned.

What she didn’t expect was that it was her niece Bai Yi who slapped her.

“You…you damn girl…you dare to hit me?” She put her hand on her fiery cheek and pointed her finger at Bai Yi.

This cheap girl, dare to beat her?

“Go out! Otherwise I will call the security guard!” Bai Yi gritted his teeth and roared, this time also aroused anger.

Wang Yanli was a mother in vain when she watched her child suffer, but turned a blind eye to it.

“Bitch, when is it your turn to teach me?”

Wang Yanli jumped like a thunder, pointing at Bai Yi’s nose and yelling:

“Do you still dare to hit me? The old lady wants you to die!”

Said, she directly raised her slap and waved it at Bai Yi’s face!

But right now!

Wang Yanli’s phone call suddenly remembered. After she glanced at the caller ID, she suddenly showed ecstasy on her face.

Immediately came a big face change, and said flatteringly:

“Boss Huang, why don’t you answer so many phone calls? Li is always not Are you angry?”

“It is all to blame for the lost star of my family, who offended President Li without knowing how to promote it, but you can rest assured that the same thing will never happen again!”

“Excuse me, please help me make an appointment with Mr. Li. Next time I will let my daughter climb into his bed obediently!”

Heard this!

Bai Yi and others were dumbfounded, and couldn’t believe that this was what the parents said.

Let your daughter climb into someone else’s bed?

Wang Yanli made Xu Yourong so miserable, even planning to do it again?

Is this still a human?

At this time, Xu Yourong was already crying horribly, and he only felt colder than ever before.

She couldn’t believe her ears at this time.

She was already in such pain, but her biological mother didn’t care about her feelings at all, and even wanted to push her into a deeper abyss?


The boss Huang at the other end was silent for a moment, but he spoke indifferently:

“No, Mr. Li is dead!”

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