Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1785

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Chapter 1785

Cassandra looked desperately at the decisive Jacob, “Juer, I really know that I was wrong. Please forgive me again.”

She stretched out her hand to touch Zhanhan Jue’s feet, but Jacob pulled out her hand like a shoe. Angrily said: “I will not forgive you. If I forgive you, it will be unfair to my family. You don’t have to worry about my forgiveness. You gave me my life. Now you take it away. When our debts are cancelled. So I am relieved. I don’t owe you anything anymore.”

“No, Jue’er. I am a mother. How can the mother-child relationship break.” Cassandra cried loudly.

Jacob smiled coquettishly, “You poisoned me, if I die. You are the murderer who murdered me. Cassandra, I didn’t send you to jail because I wanted to pay this life back. You. Only in this way can I get rid of you with a clear conscience…Do you know how much I want to get rid of you?”

Every rebuke of Jacob made Cassandra’s heart cold.

My son hates her so much?

The son wants to get rid of their mother-child relationship?

Cassandra really realized the warning from Zhantingcheng to her at this moment, it turned out not to be groundless.

It turned out that once she ruined her relationship with Jacob’s mother and son, she would lose this son forever.

Lost forever.

Jacob’s smile is better than poppy, but in Cassandra’s eyes, it is poisonous.

Jacob pushed everyone away and walked out step by step.

Zhantingcheng said: “Juer, where are you going?”

Jacob turned his head, “I’m going to find Zhengling.”

He couldn’t believe it, Zhengling must be hiding in the corner and licking his wounds at this moment. . She must be very sad now.

He wandered for a few steps, not knowing what he thought of. Suddenly turned back. “I still don’t tell her the truth. Let her hate me, than love I to send me away, it will make her feel better.”

Old lady Yan understood what Jacob meant, and he has been planning for Zheng Ling’s mood until now. Mrs. Yan was moved and sad. He sighed sadly: “Juer, I think Zheng Ling will choose to know the truth. But you don’t have to go to him. You take care of your illness and grandpa will find her for you. I promise to help you bring her back.”

Jacob did not Speaking, silently looking out the window.

Zheng Ling, where are you?

Since then, Jacob seems to have finished saying what he should say in his life. In the next time, he became extremely quiet.

No one knows what kind of purgatory Irene is struggling with.

When she saw Jacob spit out red blood, his face was pale and blue. At that moment, she speculated that Jacob was not good.

His mind became blank, and all his thoughts condensed into one thought: Seek medical treatment for Lord Zhan Han, and save him no matter what.

Then she hurriedly ran back to Cuiwei Villa and got her mobile phone to call Boye. However, Boye’s phone prompts to shut down for no reason.

Zheng Ling panicked and messed up.

Picking up the handbag, she rushed to the airport desperately. She was going to Yuncheng to find Grandma Boye.

It’s just that she didn’t expect that her body would be beaten back to its original shape instantly after being severely frightened, anxious, and exhausted.

She got on the plane, but when she got off the plane, she was limp at the airport exit.

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