Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1800

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Chapter 1800

A young man took out concentrated sulfuric acid, unscrewed the lid, and poured it on Juma’s face.

Juma shivered with fright, she was proud of her prosperous face, but Jacob wanted to destroy her.

“No.” She was already a martial artist, and suddenly she jumped up, and concentrated sulfuric acid was poured on her back.

“Ah…” Juma cried tragically.

Xiuhe and Cassandra were so frightened that they saw Zhuma’s situation.


Xiuhe’s ribs were broken, and the whole person lay on the ground in embarrassment, heart-piercing pain.

And Cassandra, the foot of a thug himself stepped on her hand, and the back of her hand instantly became bloody.

Grandpa Yu looked at the violent scene with a gray face, and wanted to stop it, but didn’t know how to stop it.

“Inflict evil. It is our Yu family who committed too much evil to get such retribution!” He screamed from the sky.

This tragedy, Old Lady Yu and Yu Sheng, were shocking to see in Zhantingcheng…but they couldn’t stop it. Because beside them, stood the thugs of Jacob.

If they dare to stop them, Jacob will surely let people deal with them.

When the old lady Zhan rushed to see this scene, his face paled in fright.

“Juer, stop now.” He staggered and rushed over.

Jacob coldly ordered his servants, “Take the old man back. No one is allowed to intervene here today.”

Jacob had to resort to assassin’s tricks and said: “Juer, I will send someone to ask Zhengling to come over. How long should she be there? You know she has been courageous since she was young, do you want her to see such a bloody picture?”

Jacob gritted his teeth, “You…”

Jacob grew up afraid that Zheng Ling knew the very vicious side of human nature. He only gave Zheng Ling his most tender side.

Because he was afraid that Zheng Ling knew that he was so cruel and violent, and would be afraid of him. At that time, he will lose that lovely soft pistachio.

“Stop it.” Jacob gave the order very reluctantly.

The thugs stepped back.

Grandpa Zhan looked at the terrible three women, shook his head and sighed: “Fortunately, it is Ying Ling here today. If the Ling can’t come, your lives will be confessed here.”

He was not exaggerating, because at this moment those thugs have removed their masks, and they are all ghost members.

Haifeng, strong grass and Ye Feng are among them.

Seeing such a lineup, old man Yu’s back instantly oozes cold sweat.

At this moment, he also guessed that the reason for their disguise was to commit a homicide to facilitate escape.

Cassandra and Xiuhe Zhuma hugged each other. For the rest of their lives, besides the pain in their whole body, there was also a panic in the sky.

The bluestone road outside Xiangdingyuan.

The white-clothed young man came forward with Irene on his back.

Jacob stared angrily at Susu, and said aggrieved: “Daddy, Mommy won’t be able to see you when she wakes up, she is worried about you.” At this time, Irene made a weak voice: “Brother Jue.”

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