Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1801

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chapter 1801

Jacob knew that Zheng Ling was really awake. The huge surprise made him take Zheng Ling and hug Zheng Ling to himself.

Zheng Ling draped softly on his shoulders.

Jacob was moved and said: “Zhen ling, I am fine.” After giving Jason a meaningful look, Jacob hugged Zhengling and left.

Zhan Su walked to Xiangdingyuan. Seeing Cassandra and Xiuhe Zhuma lying in a pool of blood, kicking roughly. He said indifferently: “It seems that I came a step earlier. “He thought that Jacob had left, and Cassandra and the others were liberated. However, hearing Zhan Su’s cold and merciless words, their hearts were desperate again.

At this moment, he was very sober, and Zhan Suo possessed a more ruthless heart than Jacob. How could it be easy to let them go?

Zhan Su thought for a moment, and said: “Let’s lock them up. Find a doctor to come over and heal them first.”

Everyone was a little surprised, and immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Zhan Suo added: “If you die, you can’t be my daddy’s punching bag.”

Everyone felt that Zhan Suo, the little devil, really broke people. Although the tragic ending of Cassandra and Xiuhe could be foreseen, but for the time being they were out of danger, and Grandpa Yu was relieved.

The battle was long gone.

Guan Xiao instructed several ghost members: “From today, watch them for 24 hours. They are not allowed to escape.”

“Yes.” The old lady Zhan sighed, and he reluctantly said to Cassandra: “Cassandra, now The only person who can eliminate Hanjue’s soaring resentment is Zhengling. However, Zhengling has a physical disorder because of worrying about Hanjue’s life. In other words, you are the one who committed the crime and cannot live.”

Cassandra cried. Tears.

Jacob brought Zheng Ling back to the Garden of Worry-Freedom.

When Boye saw the husband and wife, he was so angry that he cursed: “Are you two capable? The disease hasn’t healed, so I ran out to make heaven and earth. Jue’er, grandma let you control your emotions, remember to be happy and compassionate. That’s how you control it. Is it true?”

Jacob was sitting on the sofa holding Zheng Ling, looking straight at Boye, sophistry said: “I have no great joy and compassion.”

Boye is not a fuel-efficient lamp, and said angrily: “There is no great joy and compassion. , Just howling furiously?”

Jacob said silently.

Zheng Ling asked weakly: “Brother Jue, has your poison been cured?”

Jacob looked at Zheng Ling and said softly: “Grandma Boye helped me remove the toxins from my body. I’m all cured.”

Bo Ye dismantled the platform, “Do you think that I am a god from the sky? The toxins in your body can be quickly removed, but if the organ fails, can you recover in two or three days?”

Zheng Ling went crazy when she heard the organ failure. Weeping, “Uuuuu…I’m going to kill them…I’m going to kill them…”

Jacob held Zheng Ling tightly, instantly his eyes were red.

In fact, when Cassandra hurt Zhengling, Zhengling would not resent her so much. But when Cassandra hurt Jacob, Zheng Ling refused.

Jacob knew that in Zheng Ling’s heart, he was always put first.

Boye soothed: “Alright, alright. Zheng Ling, don’t be sad. With me, your brother Jue can pull him out even if he enters the coffin. Not to mention that his organs are only slightly exhausted. He is fine now. Now, all indicators are back to normal.”

Jacob said: “Zhengling, you will get better soon. When you are done, you can do whatever you want. This time, Brother Jue won’t stop you.”

Maybe it’s Zhan. After Han Jue recovered, Zheng Ling felt very happy. Perhaps it was because Grandma Boy’s medical skills were so amazing, Zheng Ling suddenly moved as freely as an ordinary person one morning three days later.

Jacob was not at home that day and was instructed by Grandma Boye to go to Huanya Hospital to get some special medicinal materials for Zhengling.

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