Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1822

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Chapter 1822

At night, in a private room of a KTV.

Lin Zhanli is drinking and singing with a few friends.

Each of them put their arms around the two coquettish women, sing and move their hands and feet, and burst into laughter from time to time.

It’s just that every time Lin Zhanyu smiles, he has to curse:

“Damn, the dead wild species Lin Fan, the whole Jiang City has been wiped out by us. This once you are not over!”

After Lin Fan was taken away by law enforcement officers, their Lin family annexed the Xinbai clan in the shortest time possible, as well as embezzled all the forces of the four Jiangnan leaders. Now Jiangnan and Jiangshi are already in their pockets.
At this time, Lin Zhanli and Li Yutang were sitting together, discussing how to deal with Lin Fan while enjoying the wine.

“Mr. Lin, you said you want Lin Fan to look good, what are you going to do?” Li Yutang asked tentatively.

As a fierce general under He Lan Xuan, he suffered such a big loss under Lin Fan’s hands. He was also in a bad mood. He knew that He Lan Xuan’s identity was special and it was inconvenient to do things on weekdays. It is naturally a good thing to leave it to the Lin family to solve it!

He was humiliated by Lin Fan like that, and even beaten up. How could he endure his dignified, self-respecting temper?

That’s why he put down his figure and ran over to drink with the idiot Lin Zhanli in the middle of the night, just to use the huge energy of the Lin family to clean up Lin Fan!

He just wants to perform well before He Lan Xuan returns to China, find a place and not let He Lan Xuan disappoint him.

Lin Zhanli drank a glass of beer in one go, and put the glass on the coffee table with a loud “bang”:

“Damn, I can’t get along with Lin Zhanli. I don’t want that wild species to die!”

Lin Zhanxi said viciously, with a deep hatred in his eyes.

Li Yutang frowned and stared at him suspiciously. Is there a way for this waste?

At the moment, he picked up the wine bottle, pouring Lin Zhanli respectfully, and then asked:

“Mr. Lin, do you really have a way to deal with Lin Fan? You know that he is Master Lin, and didn’t you make the Lin family suffer a big loss not long ago?”

Lin Zhanfei sneered, patted his chest, and asked:
“Li Yutang, don’t you believe that Lin Zhanli has such energy? Tell you, within three days, I will let Lin Fan’s wild species disappear from this world, disappear forever!”

Li Yutang was delighted, it seemed that the Lin family was completely irritated.

Can even be said to be mad!

Waiting for Lin Fan like that must be the Lin Family’s crazy revenge!

Li Yutang raised his wine glass and flattered:

“Mr. Lin, I know you must have a way. There is such a powerful business empire behind you to support you, you must get rid of one. Lin Fan must be here. Come on, I will toast you a glass of wine!”

Lin Zhanli smiled and picked up the glass, drank it, and then boasted:

“This is a must. Even if Lin Fan’s backstage is strong, it can’t compare to my Lin Family Tree’s centuries-old heritage.”

Said, he stretched out his hand beside the coquettish woman. In front of him, he grabbed a handful.

The coquettish woman deliberately exaggerated “Ah”, clenched fists with both hands and beat Lin Zhan’s body several times, groaningly.

“Hate, Young Master Lin, don’t you know how to Lian Xiang Xi Yu? Why do you use such a big hand, it hurts the people who caught it.”

Lin Zhanli and Li Yutang At the same time, he laughed lasciviously.


At this moment, Lin Zhanli’s phone rang, and Lin Hongtu’s frustrated voice came from the other end:

“Where are you?”
Lin Zhanyi hiccups and said nonchalantly:

“Dad, I’m outside and Li Yutang celebrating my merits. I took the Lin family down today and took away Lin Fan’s base camp. Isn’t it worth celebrating?”

Said, he is still next to him. The beauty nibbled hard on her face.


When Lin Hongtu heard this, his lungs were exploding!

“Our Lin family is almost finished, and you are still in the mood to drink wine, why did I give birth to such an unbelievable thing?”

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