Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1826

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Chapter 1826

Zheng Ling giggled.


Yu Chengqian took the child back to Xiangdingyuan, and Grandpa Yu and Yu Sheng were extremely happy. Two old men surrounded Chenchen, looking for toys for him, and singing a small song for him.

Chenchen felt fresh and did not cry.

Yu Chengqian Ge You lay on the sofa and put on a posture of healed his scars and forgot to hurt him and said: “How could taking a child be as tiring as they said?”

However, at night, Yu Chengqian managed to put Chenchen to sleep. When it was his turn to fall asleep, Chenchen suddenly burst into tears.

Yu Chengqian was half asleep and half awake, his eyes could not be opened.

Grandpa Yu ran in, picked up Chenchen, and cursed Yu Chengqian: “Yu Chengqian, you stinky boy, are you deaf? The child cries so loudly, can’t you hear it?”

Yu Chengqian opened his sleepy eyes, “Oops, grandpa, I’m so sleepy. You can hold me for a while.” After speaking, he closed his eyes.

Yu Sheng ran in, kicked Yu Chengqian’s ass, and kicked him directly under the bed. “Why do you sleep? Will it be deadly if you sleep less? The child cries so hard, can you see what happened to him?”

Yu Chengqian got up from the bed and said in a daze, “The cousin said, the child is crying. Either you are hungry or you are pulling. Otherwise, the hug is wrong.

“Old Mrs. Yu immediately gave orders, “Go go and adjust the milk for Lao Tzu.”

Chenchen drank the milk, still crying hard.

Under the bombardment of the two loud voices of Grandpa Yu and Yu Sheng, Yu Chengqian woke up early from sleep.

Looking at the busy grandpa and Abba, Yu Chengqian said helplessly: “Can you two be gentle, keep your voice quieter, move softer, and it’s not a war, you are scaring the children.”
Grandpa Yu said: “Fart, me. Will the Yu family be timid?”

Yu Sheng Yu pulled the old man’s sleeve, and said: “Abba, children are born of Zheng Yu Zheng jade child speak soft-spoken, maybe the child to adapt to the quiet environment.”

More than the old man also Able to bend and stretch, immediately pinch the throat and speak quietly. “Baby Chenchen, don’t cry. Grandpa Zeng is buying you toys.” The child was still crying, and the big men were sweating profusely.

“What can I do?”

Yu Chengqian took out his mobile phone and said, “It seems that I can only find my mother.”

Yu Sheng thought that Yu Chengqian would call Zhengyu. Who knows, ten minutes later, Madam Yu appeared at the entrance of Xiangdingyuan.

When Yu Sheng saw Madam Yu, he was stunned.

Madam Yu walked straight to the child, picked up the child, and shook it gently. The child’s crying gradually ceased.

Madam Yu said: “You guys have a good rest. I’ll take the children to Aiyue Castle.”

Grandpa Yu winked Yu Sheng vigorously.

Yu Sheng rushed to Madam Yu, holding her hand and begging: “Madam, it’s late at night, Hanjue and Zhengling have already rested. Why should you go back and disturb them. Stay in Xiangdingyuan tonight.”
Grandpa Yu hurriedly flashed people.

“ I just want to leave the space for my son and daughter-in-law.”

Yu Chengqian lay on the bed, pulled the quilt and continued to sleep.

Grandpa Yu turned back and took Yu Chengqian’s ears and pulled it out, “Smelly boy, don’t you have eyes? Let your dad and mom be alone for a while.”

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