Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1840

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Chapter 1840

“So this is my chalcedony necklace.” He said.

Zheng Ling snatched the necklace, and the baby said: “It’s not yours, it’s mine. Mom said. This is for her daughter-in-law.”

Jacob was dumbfounded.

After a daze for a long time, he said: “She really said that?”

Zhengling nodded, “Yes.”

Jacob’s eyes were unpredictable. He was suspicious by nature. No matter how sincere Cassandra said, he treated her sincerely hold a skeptical mind.

He put the ancestral jewelry into his pocket and said to Zheng Ling: “Lend this to me. I keep it useful.”

“Will you return me?” Zheng Ling asked.

Jacob said: “Not necessarily.”

Zheng Ling sighed, “I wouldn’t show it to you if I knew it.” Jacob kissed her on the cheek, “Good. Take a good rest. I’ll go to Xiangdingyuan.”

Zheng Ling understood his intention. He was going to the old man Yu to verify the origin of the necklace. It is confirmed that Cassandra has not lied.


Jacob left Aiyue Castle and came to Xiangding Garden.

Mrs. Yu sat in a daze on the lazy chair in the courtyard.

Since her daughter disappeared, although Grandpa Yu didn’t say anything, she was still very worried about Cassandra in her heart.

For so many days, Cassandra has no news. He was worried about Cassandra’s accident.

Jue Zhan Han went straight to lie down on the lazy chair next to him, and asked lazily, “Old man, what are you thinking about?”

“Nothing.” Old Mrs. Yu knew that Cassandra was a scar in Jue Zhan Han’s heart. He didn’t dare to talk about Cassandra in front of Jacob, for fear of arousing his disgust.

Jacob said: “Do you miss your daughter?”

Grandpa Yu sat up straight and turned to look at Jacob.

“Juer, I know you hate him. But she is my daughter, and fathers will care about their children. She has been missing for so many days, I am worried about her…”

Seeing Jacob indifferent and calm His expression seemed to have no interest in Cassandra. Grandpa Yu waved his hand and said, “Forget it. If I mention her to you, it will only add to your heart.”

Jacob took out the jade necklace from his arms and handed it to Grandpa Yu. “Are you aware?”

Grandpa Yu’s face changed instantly when he saw the necklace.

“Juer, where did you get this?” Old lady Yu asked excitedly.

Jacob said: “Tell me first, the origin of this necklace.”

Grandpa Yu said: “This is your mother’s necklace.”

“Where did she pick it up?” Jacob said with contempt.

Old Mrs. Yu said: “She didn’t pick this up. This was given to her by your grandmother. This is the heirloom of our Yu family. It is only passed on to daughters, not to men.”

Jacob’s expression was slightly condensed.

Cassandra didn’t even lie?

When Grandpa Yu reached out to pick up the necklace, Jacob suddenly put the necklace away and said, “This is from Zhengling.”

Grandpa Yu’s face was green and white, “This is your mother’s, how come it’s turned into Zhengling.” What about it?” His first reaction was that Zheng Ling hurt Cassandra, and then took Cassandra’s necklace as her own.

Jacob was speechless in his malicious speculations about Mrs. Yu.

“My family is not short of money, this broken necklace can be cherished by her, it is the blessing of your Yu family.” A sentence awakened the dreamer.

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