Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 200

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Chapter 200

Grace was also very curious. She and An Silvia had no grievances and no grudges. How could she design to frame her?

Grace glanced at Bai Suyuan and said, “You wait, I will send the children to kindergarten and come back soon.”

She refused to go with Bai Suyuan because she was afraid of being misunderstood about the pure relationship between them.

Bai Suyuan said sourly, “Are you despising me? Is it possible that Bai Suyuan is ashamed of walking with you?”

Grace said straightforwardly, “I am afraid that rumors will hurt my children.”

Bai Suyuan was slightly startled when he heard the words, and a strange feeling filled his heart.

Is moved!

It is a blessing for the children to have a mother who thinks about her children in this way.

After all, he has never received such warmth from his parents since he was a child.

In his memory, since he was sensible, his parents had been quarreling endlessly in front of him. His dad worked hard outside, and he was also troubled by flowers. His mother puts her mind on snatching her husband back all day. What happened?

His father married someone else, and his mother jumped off the building and died in love.

On the way Grace sent the children to school, Derek asked curiously, “Mummy, is that uncle chasing you?”

Grace: “…”

Jason said, “Asking knowingly.”

Derek objected, “Mummy, that uncle doesn’t look like a good person.”

He just wants Daddy and Mommy together. So they are very repulsive to men other than Daddy.

Grace smiled, “Why doesn’t Uncle look like a good person?”

“He is like a big young man.” Derek said.

Faith gave the opposite opinion, “Uncle looks very good-looking, unlike someone who has a black face at every turn. I like him to be my daddy.”

Derek said, “How can the stepfather be better than the real father?”

Faith was very stubborn, “I think this uncle is good anyway.”

When the two had a disagreement, they turned their attention to Jason, and Jason said coldly, “My lord, I will not interfere.”

Grace looked at the three Mengbao who had disagreements, and couldn’t laugh or cry.

When she sent the child to the kindergarten and turned back to the door of the villa, Gentleman Bai Suyuan opened the car door for her, “Miss Luo, please come in.”

Grace got into the back seat, Bai Suyuan sat in the driver’s seat, stepped on the accelerator and huffed away.

“Why An Silvia drugged you?” Grace was not in the mood for a date, and just got in the car and couldn’t wait to find out the situation.

Bai Suyuan got serious, “This is a ugly family, and it shouldn’t be publicized. But I really like Miss Luo from the bottom of my heart. In front of you, I am willing to share all my secrets with you.”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Grace urged.

Bai Suyuan smiled, “My sister Bai Nanning instructed me to calculate you.”

Grace was surprised, “Why does Bai Nanning count me?”

“Because you let her break up with Jacob.”

Grace was surprised. “They broke up for good?”

“Are you happy?”

Grace said in a bad mood, “The reason why the Lord Zhan abandoned your sister is because of the war suicide, not because of me.”

Bai Suyuan let out a sigh of relief, “Then I can rest assured.”

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