Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 201

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Chapter 201

When Jacob came to Media Asia, Guan Xiao had been waiting for a long time.

He slandered, the president recently went to work late than before!

After Jacob sat down, he immediately drew out a piece of A4 paper, picked up a pen and wrote a series of numbers on it.

Guan Xiao looked at the phone number and said in amazement, “Isn’t this Grace’s phone number?”

Jacob handed him to Guan Xiao, “Check.”

Guan Xiao’s face became solemn, the president did not specifically explain what to investigate, maybe he was willing to dig out all aspects of Grace!

Guan Xiao squeezed the phone number and walked out, handed it to the hacker department, and hurriedly issued the order, “Enter the telecommunications network immediately and find out all the information about this phone number.”

Guan Xiao put his hands on the table and said very seriously, “The President has only one word: check. You should know what it means?”

Everyone in the department raised their heads…

But just to check the related information of a phone number, the president and the official boss do it as if to check state secrets. Let them feel Alexander instantly.

“I see.” Black boss gave an order, “We divide the work and cooperate, and check all the customer information contacted by phone number with single number, and check all electronic information about phone number with double number.”

Not long after, Guan Xiao returned to the president’s office with a huge pile of documents.

Jacob was flipping through Grace’s WeChat circle, and suddenly jumped out of Bai Suyuan’s portrait.

It turned out that after Bai Suyuan and Grace added each other as friends, Bai Suyuan frequently posted photos of his circle of friends to Grace’s WeChat section.

Jacob watched Bai Suyuan and Grace share a good picture of the afternoon tea, and the iceberg face instantly cracked.

Grace’s attitude towards men who want to refuse to welcome them made him inexplicably angry. Throw the phone angrily aside.

Guan Xiao opened the door at this time and said, “President, the information is out.”

“Lay down.”

Guan Xiao was startled, where did the president’s anger come from? He didn’t provoke him today!

“Get out.”

“Oh.” Guan Xiao put down the information and left quickly.

Looking at the thick pile of information, Jacob flipped through it at will.

All the information of Grace shows that her social circle is very simple, with two frequently used phone numbers, one is a kindergarten.

There is also a phone number, which turned out to be an overseas network company. Grace has been in contact with this company five years ago, and only broke contact after returning home.

According to the QQ associated with Grace’s mobile phone number, she has mailed project materials to this company several times.

Jacob has always been thoughtful, and the results of this investigation made his heart tremble.

If Grace started to take on such a cutting-edge project five years ago, it would only take two years from the death of Irene to the rise of Grace. In two years, Grace turned from a sc*mbag to a hacker elite?

In addition to the unusual talent, Jacob can only have one explanation: she was possessed by Irene.

Coming to this conclusion made Jacob’s heart unable to calm for a long time.

As he investigated Grace more and more deeply, all signs surfaced that there were more and more places where she and Irene were homogenized.

Guan Xiao suddenly opened the door and poked a head in tremblingly.

“President, Bai’s call, there is a welcome party to celebrate Bai Suyuan’s return to China tonight. Are you going?”

Jacob said without hesitation, “Don’t go.”

“Okay, I immediately reject them.”

When Guan Xiao was about to leave, Jacob suddenly thought that Bai Suyuan was the future brother-in-law appointed by his parents. Then he changed his mouth, “Hold on, I’ll go.”

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