Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 202

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Chapter 202

Guan Xiao was startled, “Oh.”

The president has always disliked attending all kinds of high society banquets because he hated being surrounded by women.

This time the president didn’t even refuse Bai Suyuan’s welcome party, and he must have given face to the heir of the Bai family.

“President, you still need a partner!” Guan Xiao reminded carefully.

“Dance partner?” Grace’s face flashed in Jacob’s mind.

She danced with him at Janice’s birthday party that day, and they danced very tacitly.

“Prepare a dress for Grace.”

Guan Xiao’s mouth was stunned for a long time and couldn’t close it. When the president heard Grace’s name before, he made a gesture of vomiting, but now he actively asks her to be his dancing partner?

Did it really respond to that sentence, “getting used to it?”


“Does the president have any requirements for the costumes to attend the party?” Guan Xiao asked.

Jacob glanced at his well-tailored suit, and asked with a black face, “This is not suitable for me?”

Guan Xiao burst into sweat, and the president was arrogant in everything he wore, even if he was wearing a stall, he would feel like a king.

But since you are attending a celebrity banquet, you should change your clothes to show politeness.

“Appropriate.” Guan Xiao hurried off.

As everyone knows, Bai Suyuan took great pains to find Grace today, and he has only one purpose: to invite Grace to be his dancing partner.

“Miss Luo, I just returned to China and I don’t know many friends of the opposite s3x, so you should be my dancing partner?” Bai Suyuan begged Grace softly and hardly, and he was not determined to die.

Grace was embarrassed. There were many banquets of wealthy families and there were many moths at the banquets. Only when she escaped from Janice’s birthday banquet, she did not want to jump into another pit.

But Bai Suyuan kept talking like Tang Seng, and she kept thinking endlessly if she didn’t agree to him.

Grace gritted her teeth and gave up. “Ok.”

In the evening, when Jacob returned home, Grace sat on the sofa in a daze, next to a haute couture dress and matching jewelry box.

Jacob walked over lazily, his eyes swept over the dress, the temperature of his eyes dropped several degrees in an instant, “Will Bai Suyuan come to you to let you be his dancing partner?”

Grace nodded, “Hmm!”

Jacob untied his tie in annoyance. While taking off his coat without anyone else, he said arrogantly, “You can’t go.”

Grace looked up in surprise, “Why? I have promised him, I can’t break my promise.”

Jacob wore a azure shirt, ironed and docile, wrapped his perfect figure, revealing a bewitching taste.

He lowered his head, like a king’s servant looking at his own subjects, imposingly saying, “You go to the party, who will take care of the children?”

“Isn’t there you…?” Grace whispered.

Jacob said, “I have something tonight.”

Grace was dumb.

Protested, “You are hegemonic. You can go out if you have problems, but I can’t go out if I have problems.”

The corner of Jacob’s lips curled up with an unclear sneer. He wanted to hang out with a man other than him, but there was no door.

Faith in the game area suddenly made a voice of support and said, “Mummy, you go to Uncle Bai’s party. We will take care of ourselves.”

Jacob: “…”

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