Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 203

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Chapter 203

For the first time, Jacob felt the threat from Xiao Budian, and stared at his provocative Xiao Budian with a cold eye, “Faith, your mommy wants to find a step dad for you, are you afraid that step dad will abuse you?”

Faith stood up, put her little hand on her back, pouted her little mouth, walked up to Lord Zhan Hanqiu with an old manner, looked up at Jacob, and said seriously, “My relatives don’t like me, and he also doesn’t like my mommy. He beats my mommy and scolds my mommy. Uncle Bai looks good and has a good temper. If he can treat mommy well, I like him.”

Jacob turned his head and looked at Grace, “What she said is true?”

Grace hesitated… and finally nodded.

Jacob frowned. He didn’t expect Grace’s successor husband to be such a sc*mbag.

“Where is he now?” Jacob couldn’t contain his anger.

Grace looked at him stupidly like a goose hope.

The person Faith said was him!

Didn’t Jacob realize how bad he was to her before?

“I broke up with him!” Grace whispered.

Jacob looked at Grace who was frightened and fearful, and suddenly felt a little bit of hatred for iron and steel, “I thought you were so scared just in front of me. It turns out that a man can bully you!”

Grace: “…” Not really!

Only you can bully me in the whole world. Which other man dares to bully her?

“Someone will bully you in the future and report me-my son’s name.” Jacob said, “My son’s mommy, it shouldn’t be anyone who can bully me.”

“I see.” Grace couldn’t laugh or cry.

Faith thoughtfully said to Mommy, “Mommy, go and play. You and Uncle Bai must have fun.”

Jacob’s face was darker than the ashes.

At this time, Jason’s eyes flashed, and he stood up and said, “Mummy, I don’t need you to take care of it.”

Jacob stared at Jason…This guy actually turned to each other?

Derek pouted and sighed, “Well, I have no objection.”

Grace smiled, “Thank you, babies. Mommy will be back soon.”

Then happily holding the dress and jewelry box on the sofa went upstairs.

Before long, Grace came down in a white evening dress.

The one-shoulder evening dress highlights her graceful and bumpy figure.

The thin and white shoulders, the charming clavicle line, and the diamonds are more sexy.

Jacob stood up from the sofa, his eyes fell on her white skin.

It’s not that she is in good shape, but he always thought she was crude and shallow, and would never admit her beauty.

Today, he feels that she is so beautiful, and the snow-white dress is spotless, just like her skin, as white and shiny.

However, he was inexplicably upset at the thought of her going out like this and being watched wantonly by those people.

“Dressing like this, it’s like applying for a job in a nightclub…”

Grace held her Chiguo’s shoulders in both hands, and said with some uncertainty, “Obviously it is a serious evening dress!”

“Where is it serious?” Jacob’s domineering president Renshi went online again inexplicably, “Take it off.”

Grace said, “This is from Bai Suyuan. Besides, I only have this one…”

Jacob gritted his teeth, “Take it off!”

Grace’s heart also came up, and muttered, “Why do you care about me? You have nothing to do with me!”

Jacob said confidently, “I am your son’s daddy. I have the right to ask you to set a good example for my son!”

Grace: “Robber logic!”

Jacob called Guan Xiao and asked him to bring the dress over immediately.

After hanging up the phone, Jacob said to Grace, “I will help you solve the dress.”

Grace was not so stubborn about which dress to wear, and was too lazy to argue with him, so she sat on the sofa muffled.

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