Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 204

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Chapter 204

After the dress was delivered, Grace looked at the exquisitely crafted box, suddenly dumbfounded.

This is a limited edition dress of Milan-HY, the price is ten million.

If it is dirty or damaged accidentally, she can’t afford it.

“Master Zhan, I think it’s better to forget it. The clothes are too expensive.”

Jacobying stared at her sharply, “How do you know it is expensive?”

Grace realized afterwards that she had exposed her experience that she shouldn’t have.

“Guess.” She said with a guilty conscience.

The doubts in Jacob’s eyes became thicker, and his eyes on Grace became meaningful.

“Not expensive. For you.”

Grace looked at him in surprise…

Is this guy willing to give her such an expensive dress? Or is the dress in the dress box not the original one?

Grace carefully opened the gift box. The packing box of this dress is very luxurious, and even the buttons are made of pure platinum lock.

Grace is very familiar with this gift box. She used to wear Milan HY brand clothes.

Jacob watched her skillful movements, and the consternation in his eyes flooded out.

Although this lock is a built-in button, it is the first time people who come into contact with this built-in lock, without the patient guidance of HY’s shopping guide, many people cannot open it.

Grace is obviously not the first time she comes into contact with this brand clothing.

Opening the box, seeing the dress, was stunned by the embroidery embellished with diamonds on the chest.

Each of these diamonds are flawless top diamonds. With so many diamonds pieced together into small flowers, how can this dress be inexpensive?

“Master Zhan, I can’t wear this dress.” Grace pushed the dress away from her in fright.

Jacob quietly observed her reaction, “Why?”

“If it gets dirty or hangs broken by accident, I have no money to pay.”

Jacob stared at her, “You seem to know its price?”

“Fortunately, I have seen something similar in a friend’s place.” Grace said with a guilty heart.

“This is a limited edition of Milan HY. There is no high imitation. Where have you seen high imitation models?” Jacob pressed on step by step, trying to expose her lies.

Grace just remembered that this brand of clothes is forbidden to copy and imitate by the industry.

Grace could only be silent.

A faint smile appeared in Jacob’s brows and eyes. “Just as a free promotion for our HY. The clothes are for you.”

Grace hesitated.

Jacob raised his watch, “The time is too late, go change clothes.”

Grace resignedly picked up the dress and walked upstairs.

Soon, Grace put on her dress and walked down.

“Time is too late, I’ll go first.” She hurried to the door.

Jacob looked at her. The green dress, white flowers inlaid with millet diamonds, half ball head and diamond hairpins made her agile and compelling.

“I’ll go with you,” he suddenly stood up and walked outside the gate.

Grace looked at him in shock, “Didn’t you say you have something tonight?”

Jacob looked at her in his spare time.

Grace understood, it turned out that what he said was to attend Bai Suyuan’s welcome party!

This guy can only set fire to himself and not allow others to light the lamp?


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