Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 205

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Chapter 205

Rolls-Royce was parked at the door. When Grace stretched out her hand to open the door, the gentleman who never thought Jacob stretched out his hand, and the two hands fell on the handle of the car synchronously.

Grace quickly withdrew back and looked at Jacob tremblingly.

Is he going to open the door for her?

Then he denied this idea. How could he, the uncrowned king of business, help her to open the door?

Looking at her so defensively, Jacob felt very unhappy.

He opened the car door for a long time, but Grace just stared at him blankly, and did not dare to get in the car without his permission.

Jacob’s hand was stuck on the car door for a long time, without a good air, “get in the car.” The low voice was mixed with a hint of anger.

Grace was dumbfounded-

Is he really helping her drive? When did you become so gentlemanly?

After she got into the car, Jacob closed the car door, but went to the other side and got on the car.

Grace was dumbfounded.

He actually chose to sit in the back seat with her?

In a luxurious Rolls-Royce, the interior space is really much wider than other cars. But at this moment Grace still felt that the space was tight.

She was so nervous that she stretched her body into a bow

Jacob squinted at her and looked at her up close. She was wearing Milan HY’s haute couture dress, which was not only clever and compelling, but also revealing expensive.

The beauty makes him a little lost.

Thinking of her dressing up so beautifully but going to be a dance partner for Bai Suyuan, suddenly there was a feeling that his cabbage had been thrown by a pig.

“Bai Suyuan asked you to be his dancing partner, what benefits did it give you?” He asked casually.

Grace said, “We are friends. Friends help out of morals and has nothing to do with money.”

Jacob nodded, thinking about his success rate in cornering the corner.

“I’ll give you money and you will be my dance partner.”

Grace was stunned. With the conditions of Jacob, if she shouted and lacked her dancing partner, those ladies and daughters would not be able to rush forward!

“Are you missing a dancing partner?” Grace asked dubiously.

Jacob frowned, is Grace despising his charm?

“There is no time to find it.” He stalled.

Grace said, “But I promised Bai Suyuan, I can’t break my promise.”

Jacob’s icy eyes seemed to emit hail, “You only need to dance with me.”

Grace thought for a while, this request does not seem to be overwhelming!

“Okay.” The answer was somewhat reluctant.

Jacob’s fist gently fell on the seat, but a deep pit was trapped.


Grace glanced at the dress she was wearing, and she would not agree at all if it weren’t for being short and soft.

God knows how nervous she was when she danced with him?

“Don’t dare,” she answered.

Guan Xiao, who was driving in front, could feel the ice pressure from the president.

Secretly speeding up, Guan Xiao was relieved when the car stopped in the Bai’s compound.

Jacob did not get out of the car immediately, but looked at Grace with ulterior motives and sent her four words: “Pay attention to the influence.”

Grace was so angry that blood flowed back all over, “What do you mean?”

Jacob leaned forward, within walking distance of her. Exit, the moisture from his mouth hit her face.

“I don’t want to see the picture of alone men and women alone in a room like the last time.”

Grace was so angry that she pushed him away, turned to open the door and jumped out of the car.

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