Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 206

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Chapter 206

The dress was dragged on the ground, sweeping the ground, Jacob looked at the appearance of her leaving in a huff and smiled.

Guan Xiao was heartbroken by those tens of millions of dresses, and said, “It’s a violent thing.”

Jacob smiled, “There is no Vanity Fair woman in his eyes to spoil my good things like this.”

Guan Xiao is petrified like a eagle.

Is this the president of Kwalo Grace?

Why did he suddenly feel that the thing he used to help the president to abuse Grace-was self-inflicted and couldn’t live?

I hope it is his illusion.

Grace entered the banquet venue and immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Her beauty is extraordinary, and the dress on her body stands out from the crowd.

Grace became the focal point of the venue without knowing it. Her eyes searched for Bai Suyuan in the venue.

Bai Suyuan was toasting with guests for a drink, and seeing Grace inadvertently, Bai Suyuan was shocked by her beauty.

“Sorry. I’m not being with you.” Bai Suyuan put down his wine glass and arranged his dress. Come here gracefully.

“Grace, you are really beautiful today.” Bai Suyuan spent several years in the West, and he was even more bold in expressing emotions.

“You make me proud.” He raised his arm.

Grace hesitated slightly, but still took his arm.

“Bai Suyuan, I’m sorry, I didn’t wear your dress because it is too sexy. It doesn’t suit me.”

Bai Suyuan smiled and said, “You don’t need to apologize to me. Because the dress you chose today is really suitable for you. Well, it gives me a long face.”

“I don’t think so!” An indifferent voice came from behind.

Grace and Bai Suyuan turned around, and Jacob stood in front of them.

Jacob’s gaze fell on Bai Suyuan’s red shirt, his lips curled, “When is red and green also a fashion?”

Grace only noticed that Bai Suyuan was wearing a red shirt in his white suit.

Originally, Bai Suyuan had bright eyes and white teeth, and he was dressed in gorgeous red, full of enchanting.

But when Jacob said “red with green”, Grace and Bai Suyuan thought of the next “cry ugly”, and suddenly both their faces became unsightly.

Bai Suyuan looked at the handsome Jacob. Although he was wearing a dark suit, his diamond tie clip turned out to be green.

Bai Suyuan understood, “You gave this dress to Grace, right?”

Jacob nodded.

Bai Suyuan stretched out his hand and took Grace tightly into his arms, looking provocatively at Jacob, “Thank you.”

Jacob felt the provocation from Bai Suyuan, and his eyes instantly became darker.

“No. After all, green is not for you.” Jacob said with deep meaning.

Bai Suyuan looked at his red shirt and squeezed a bright smile at Jacob, “It’s okay, and I’ll change it.”

After speaking, he said to Grace, “Grace, wait for me a moment.”

Grace nodded.

After Bai Suyuan left, Grace questioned Jacob, “Are you deliberate?”

Jacob pretended not to understand, “What on purpose?”

“Send me a green dress deliberately to humiliate us.”

Jacob said coldly, “I’m not so idle.”

Suddenly Bai Janice emerged from nowhere, and yelled out loud, “Big Brother, Sister-in-law?”

Grace was so scared that she stretched out her hand to cover her mouth, “Don’t bark.”

While peering at Jacob, she was afraid that Janice would force them to form CP and make him angry.

Jacob looked as usual, Grace breathed a sigh of relief.

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